Extradition orders from US awaited

The seven FIFA officials arrested in Zurich, Switzerland last week, including Cayman’s Jeffrey Webb, remain in detention pending extradition to the United States, a spokesperson for the Swiss Federal Office of Justice confirmed Tuesday. 

“The persons are still being detained … at a number of different facilities in Canton [county] of Zurich,” Ingrid Ryser said via email.  

“The requests [for extradition] haven’t yet been submitted.” 

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York declined to comment on the status of the extradition request for the seven defendants, all of whom are all ccused in various bribery and money laundering schemes in a 47-count U.S. federal indictment out of the eastern district. 

The seven suspects, including Webb, were arrested on May 27 in Zurich where they were attending FIFA’s annual meeting. 

According to a statement on the Swiss federal office of justice’s website: “For those individuals who are contesting extradition, the federal office of justice will now ask the USA to submit formal extradition requests within the 40-day period provided for in the bilateral extradition treaty. Extradition proceedings will be resumed as soon as these requests have been received.” 

According to the extradition treaty, the defendants may be held in detention for the full 40-day period, but it is not required, depending on what the Swiss courts decide. 

Until the federal office of justice rules on the case, the seven defendants can always change their minds and agree to simplified extradition proceedings, at which point they would be turned over to U.S. authorities immediately, officials said. 

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