Cardiac emergencies could be sent to Health City

People who call for an ambulance due to a possible heart attack could be taken to Health City Cayman Islands instead of the Cayman Islands Hospital under an agreement still in negotiation, according to Health Services Authority CEO Lizzette Yearwood.

Ms. Yearwood revealed the ongoing talks during a recent Legislative Assembly Finance Committee meeting. She said Health City approached the HSA with the idea to send cardiac emergencies to the East End hospital with its state-of-the-art operating rooms and experienced surgical teams.

Recently at least five patients have been taken straight to Health City for heart-related emergencies, Ms. Yearwood said, responding to a series of questions from MLA Arden McClain.

She said the last meeting on the subject with Health City was four to six weeks ago, and she hopes they will meet again in four weeks.

The delay, she said, was because the electrocardiogram, a test to measure a heart’s electrical activity, could not transmit results remotely. She said the HSA is waiting to add new software so the data can be sent straight to doctors. Emergency service workers currently tell the hospitals about the test readings verbally, Ms. Yearwood said.

Health City did not respond to requests for comment on the ongoing talks.

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