Diver dies off West Bay

Tourist was in Cayman for Tech diving event

An American tourist died after getting into difficulties diving off West Bay. 

John Michael Killanin, from Clearwater Florida, was in Grand Cayman for DiveTech’s annual Inner Space event, for technical divers. 

He was an hour into his dive last Friday when he experienced difficulties with strong currents off Cobalt Coast, according to a police statement. 

His dive buddy helped him to the surface and signaled for assistance. The pair were picked up by the dive boat and staff attempted CPR on Mr. Killanin, who was unconscious. 

The 53-year-old was transported to the Cayman Islands Hospital in George Town where he was pronounced dead at 12:40 p.m.  

Nancy Easterbrook of DiveTech offered her condolences to the victim’s family but declined to comment further. Police said in a statement that they are investigating. 

Inner Space is an annual week-long event for experienced technical divers, using sophisticated equipment, known as closed circuit rebreathers, to dive longer and deeper than is possible on ordinary scuba gear. 

A website promoting the event states, “CCR Divers from new recreational divers through deep trimix divers journey to Grand Cayman, diving at various depths based on their certification limits, from 60 to 400 feet on dives lasting for 3 hours.” 


  1. I give my condolences to the family. I wonder if the police would be able to effectively investigate this case, when they say difficulty with strong currents. I have been swimming and spear fishing and diving the whole north coast of Cayman from rum point to northwest point the greatest part of my life, I have never found the currents to be bad, which I did not go out into bad weather because I knew that was dangerous, makes me wonder what kind off weather they were diving in . I wonder how long has this new kind of diving has been a round for one to be able to dive to 400 ft and stay for 3 hours. Is this kind of diving approved by the governing body of scuba diving in Cayman . We need to seriously look into all of these cases and see what is going wrong, because today when things like this happens everyone suffer/ the whole Cayman Islands tourism .

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