Little League soaked out for now

The Little League awards day and raffle was postponed on Saturday because of the heavy rain.  

The day’s full schedule of all seven youth divisions of various championship, playoff, all-star or exhibition games was disrupted by the week’s wet conditions and is now rescheduled for June 20. The weather forecast, the safety of players and the condition of the fields made the decision necessary. The fields are not immediately playable after the rain stops.  

A season of terrific parity in multiple divisions took it down to the last game to earn first place in several divisions. Some could not get in their final games, making championship awards impossible.  

Raffle also postponed 

The annual raffle drawing has also been postponed until June 20. Grassroots support by raffle ticket purchasers and sellers is of great importance to Little League.  

Players’ families have long been asked to support the largely volunteer program, which is still free for children.  

Games will be rescheduled as weather permits. Auditors for the raffle, KPMG, are rescheduled also. Supporters are asked to finish selling their books and turn them in at the Field of Dreams.  

“We hope to make silk out of a sow’s ear,” said Little League president John Cridland. “If it ever stops raining, we can have some more fun games, mix it up with parents, coaches, sponsors.”  

More information will be available on the website: or call 916-5643.  


Jayven Bonner is a keen Little League player.

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