Cayman adventure novel will appeal to divers, readers

Action adventure readers can delight in the knowledge that there’s a new release in the genre, and this one is set in our own backyard.  

“Return to Cayman: Paradise Held Hostage” is the sixth book in the Mike Scott Adventure series by American novelist Eric Douglas, featuring the main protagonist Mike Scott. Scott is an international photojournalist whose travels lead him to various locales throughout the book series, including Southern California, Italy, North Carolina, Cuba, West Virginia and Mexico. Each installment in the series is an action adventure novel, with some recurring characters throughout, and diving being a heavy theme.  

In the first book of the series, “Cayman Cowboys,” Scott worked as a photo pro in Cayman before leaving to be a news photographer, and occasionally visits his former home. The newest release focuses on one of these visits, and begins with a scenario we unfortunately know all too well in Cayman, with a cruise ship dropping anchor on the reef. 

From the environmentally devastating opening, Douglas explained that the story becomes a techno-thriller, with a hacker taking over all communications. Mike Scott and his friends must help as the islands’ communications are shut off from the world and, in the process, they discover that there is more going on than meets the eye. 

Douglas has an avid interest in the environment, as evident in all of his books, especially in his use of a true-to-life catastrophic event in the opening chapters of the newest installment of his series. “I use that as an opportunity to tell readers about what happens to the reef and what really happened here last year,” explained Douglas. “As a diver, I feel a strong affinity for the ocean and I want to educate and defend the ocean when I can.” 

A portion of all sales of the book through July 31 will be donated to the Magic Reef Recovery effort, an organization which is raising funds to repair coral reef off of George Town damaged by a cruise ship’s errant anchor in August, 2014.  

Douglas uses a background in journalism as well as diving to write his books, meaning the underwater descriptions are incredibly accurate, and the diver vernacular and experiences true to form. Douglas’ time spent living in Cayman inspired the setting.  

“For more than 15 years I have worked in the recreational diving industry,” said Douglas. “I was on Cayman doing some work in 2003 when I got the idea for the first book so it became the setting for the first story. For the 10th anniversary of that book, I decided to bring Mike Scott back to Cayman, to come full circle.” The main character was named in honor of a friend of his who died of cancer. 

Douglas has been writing for 25 years, working in newspapers and magazines for much of his career, and is inspired by writers such as Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler and Carl Hiassen. Married with three daughters, Douglas also has separate interests in photography and alternative printing processes. 

As an author he shows no sign of slowing down, with more projects underway already, in both fiction and non-fiction genres.  

“Later this summer I will have a novella in my Withrow Key series, set in the Florida Keys,” he said.

“I am also working on a biography of Leo Morales, a disabled scuba diver who sets world records to inspire others with disabilities.” Fans of the Mike Scott series will also be happy to know that there will be another in the series, with Douglas collecting ideas already.  

“Return to Cayman: Paradise Held Hostage” was released on May 4 through CreateSpace and Kindle on Amazon. 


Proceeds from Douglas’ book signing, held at Sunset House earlier this month, went to the Magic Reef Recovery effort.


Douglas is an avid diver, with a keen interest in the environment.


Return to Cayman is the sixth book in the Mike Scott Adventure series.

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