More drugs wash ashore on Brac

Customs officers last week found a package with more than 70 pounds of what police suspect to be cocaine. 

Officers with the customs department found the package washed up on the southern coast of Cayman Brac at about noon Wednesday. Police sent the parcel to Grand Cayman Thursday and say they plan to destroy it. 

Drugs wash ashore on the Cayman Islands regularly. Since January 2013, police have recovered drugs on Cayman beaches about 30 times. As of April, police recovered about 60 kilos (130 pounds) of cocaine from Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac beaches since 2013. 

Police suspect drug traffickers, using the western Caribbean as a route to lucrative markets in the United States, are responsible for most of the drugs showing up in Cayman waters. 

Traffic stop leads to bust 

A traffic stop last week led police to find 14 individually wrapped packages of cocaine. Police arrested a woman passenger but are still on the lookout for the driver who ran from the scene. 

Police stopped a Nissan Sunny on South Church Street for a traffic violation early on Tuesday, July 16. Police say the driver ran off after an officer searched the car. 

The driver and passenger looked nervous, police said in a statement, prompting the search. The passenger, a 20-year-old woman, was arrested on drug-related charges and later bailed. 

Police spokesman Adrian Seales said officers know who the man is, but “he has gone underground.” 

“This is a small island, I don’t know where they go. But we’ll get him. If not today, then tomorrow,” he said. 

Ashani Francis-Collins contributed to this report. 


Police last week found an estimated 72 pounds of cocaine washed ashore on the Brac.

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