Teacher plans new Syria aid mission

A high school math teacher will spend his summer vacation in Turkey doing humanitarian work with refugees affected by the conflict in Syria. 

Ted Todd, a teacher at John Gray High School, is planning a return trip after bringing school supplies to the region last year. 

Mr. Todd, who works with a charity called Small Projects Istanbul, helped run classes for refugee children in the Turkish capital. 

He said, “The work that I do is two-fold, to deliver supplies and also to work on a day-to-day basis in different capacities, either teaching English classes to children or this year renovating some rooms that can be used as a community center in Istanbul for refugees to get information.” 

He also plans to spend some time at refugee camps on the border with Syria. 

“I will be driving some basic school and medical supplies down to the border areas for a couple of weeks,” he said. “In these areas, the level of support for refugees is much more basic and you have people living in temporary accommodation, old warehouses and things like that.” 

Mr. Todd was first inspired to travel to Syria in 2014, following news reports of the devastation caused by the civil war in that country. 

He is also trying to use his trip and his experience to help educate youngsters at John Gray about the world beyond Cayman’s borders. 

Some of the costs of supplies for the children have been raised through fundraisers, including the sale of T-shirts at John Gray and St. Ignatius schools. 

A quiz night is planned for 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at Fidel Murphy’s to raise funds. 

More information on how to enter or to donate can be found at the Facebook page “From Cayman to Istanbul.”  


Ted Todd is returning to Turkey to work with refugees from the conflict in Syria.

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