Motions stars reach new heights

Cayman’s gymnastics teams demonstrated their strength, skill and grace at the Summer Extravaganza Olympic Day Celebration to end their season with Motions Unlimited Gymnastics.  

The event was attended by parents, friends, local supporters and Governor Helen Kilpatrick. 

Coach John Leonard’s boys team, including Igor Magalhaes, Sabastian Adapa and Kaleb Woolaver, competed on the six boys’ events: floor, vault, high bar, rings, parallel bars and pommel horse.  

Adapa performed his level six routines for the first time and Woolaver, the youngest member of the team, showed his strength and skill at level 5.  

Coach Leonard said, “I was proud of the boys, each of them competing [at] a higher level than they competed the previous season and they are making great progress moving up in the USAG program.” 

Coach Kenzie Rose led her level 2 and 3 girls through their four routines on beam, bars, floor and vault. Laila Cassidy, Sofia Bonati and Tai Wammer competed for their first time at the event.  

The rest of the level 2/3 team including Bethany Hawkins, Lauren Cridland, Natalie Bodden, Morgan Crowley, Rae Gene Holmes, Destiny Campbell and Mia Vandervelde all impressed the local audience with their powerful skills and graceful dance. Some of the girls competed their level 3 routines for the first time.  

Coach Rose said, “We have some very promising talent in this group, and I am extremely proud of how far they have came, and where I can see them headed. They are hard working, dedicated athletes with big hearts.” 

The level 3/4 team, coached by Alison Gansebom, included Kelly Vanderbol, Maddalena Polloni, Gabriella Royston, Emmi Daykin, Jaiden Gilbert, Tyler Woolaver, Anais Small, Cameron Doak and Sarah Bush. Many of these girls represented Motions Unlimited, competing in Florida and North Carolina throughout the 2014-15 competitive season.  

Coach Gansebom said, “I am very proud of these girls all their hard work is paying off. We are excited and ready for the upcoming season and most of the girls will be competing new routines in their new levels.” 

The senior team of Morgan Lloyd, Sami Peene and Raegan Rutty showed the audience that they are ready for big events. Coach Kelley Paz said, “These girls did a great job performing their routines. They have battled injuries this season and it is amazing to watch them pull through and perform when it counts.” 

The extravaganza was the last event of this competitive season. Following a few more weeks of intensive training and a break in August, the gymnasts will be back training for next season. The 2015-16 season will kick off with the Caribbean Commonwealth Games League Cup in Jamaica, where the Cayman team will compete for the cup against Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Barbados and Bahamas. 


The Motions Extravaganza 2015 team.


Sabastian Adapa on rings.


Tai Wammer on beam.


Jaiden Gilbert on beam.

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