Man shot and killed in central George Town


Update: A 20-year-old man who died after being shot in the head in front of a house on Martin Drive Wednesday night has been identified as Jason Charles Powery.  

Police say they were called to the nearby Globe Bar where they found the West Bay man with what appeared to be a single gunshot wound to the head. The man was taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital where he was pronounced dead, according to police. 

Yellow crime scene tape and two police cars blocked off a small section of Martin Drive, a narrow neighborhood street off Shedden Road, most of the day Thursday. 

There was blood on the ground in front of the door to a teal-colored house surrounded by yellow police tape. The single-story house backed up to a dirt lot, the back walls covered in graffiti. 

Neighbors reported hearing one shot late Wednesday night and said police responded quickly to the scene in central George Town. 

Several people who live in the area, who declined to give their names, said there had been problems with violence at the home before, which was known as a “party spot.” 


Police tape surrounds the scene of Wednesday night’s shooting off Shedden Road. – Photo: Charles Duncan


  1. We have all been made less secure by a system that, for the most part, can’t proactively prevent an imminent violent attack against its citizens and a system that refuses to give law abiding citizens the right and ability to protect themselves from violent criminals.

  2. "A PARTY SPOT" and the Police had no idea, as they say it was known as the Party Spot. Why have a police force ; they Shure don’t seen too have intelligence in their favor.
    For the richest island and the most expensive in the Caribbean I give you all WARNING , these Cayman Islands were known in the older days as ( SEA, SAND, and SUNSHINE , ISLANDS WHERE TIME FORGOT), now nothing more than a bloody ,drug induced gangs and thugs .

    I am so sick of this , with so answers , all we hear more cameras, and funding. we will soon be known as BLOODY ISLAND.

  3. Several people that decline in given their names, said there had been problems in the past. Had we ever hear of being proactive, then start reporting these kind things, then when something like this happens you would not feel guilty and say I wish I had said or done something that could have prevented this from happening, think about it it could have been your child.

  4. Remember that there’s other ways of reporting this kind of action except going to the police, if they don’t do anything when you report it the first time, then you have more facts to go to Cayman Compass and the TV media with to further expose the issues.

  5. Does this show what a single bullet can do?
    Anyone who critical of the court for the 1,000 dollar fine imposed for a single bullet might feel a little shamed now.

    Get guns and ammo off the street – harsh sentences and big rewards – maybe revisit the gun amnesty option…