A gentleman's guide to summer style

When it comes to male style, there are two broad choices: to make like a rock star or sports star with sweats, varsity cardigans, and baseball, denim or leather jackets as worn by Michael Jordan, David Beckham, Pharrell Williams, Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt and Kanye West; or to create a tailoring aesthetic by making sure your suits are perfectly cut and worn with sartorial prowess, following the lead of George Clooney, Tom Ford, Djimon Hounsou, Bradley Cooper and Daniel Craig. 

Style tips  

You would do well to school yourself in the “GQ rules,” which cover having the right knot on your tie (including the do’s and don’ts of proper white tie for those important gala invitations); how to wear your shirt cuffs unbuttoned; knowing your suit size and how it should fit; streamlining your wallet; the art of the pocket handkerchief; and the must-knows of suit details to double-check with your tailor, such as vents, lapels and buttons. 

Learn to mix your patterns like a U.K. city gent. Play with stripes in different scales; for instance a pinstripe suit and a brightly colored striped shirt, teamed with a floral tie, paisley handkerchief and tartan socks. 

Choosing some stunning cufflinks and a uniquely designed watch are your answers to building individuality into the uniform suit. These might seem like subtle details but will make the world of difference to your overall look. 

Alternatively, you could mix Savile Row and street style and create a truly individual look, like the bohemian chic of Robert Downey Jr. or Johnny Depp. 

Going casual  

For casual dressing, you can do no better that looking to the inherent style of screen legends Marlon Brando, James Dean and Steve McQueen. It is important to master the art of looking active, as if you have just come from some major male activity such as hang-gliding, flying a private jet, the basketball court or baseball field, or even a military or CIA operation. Uniform is everything this season, after all, and it looks like you belong.  

Plain V-neck or round-neck T-shirts in neutral colors – navy, gray, black, white or khaki – are definitely your friend as the base to building any layered off-duty look. Wear with great-fitting jeans and a new pair of trainers. 

Play with the casual/formal mix and wear a striped linen shirt with cotton tailored pants and a bomber jacket or beat-up baseball jacket; or a V-neck navy T-shirt under a tailored suit, teamed with vintage sneakers. For the bold among you, go with flip-flops. 

Try a pale gray polo shirt with white jeans, black loafers and a black jacket with the sleeves casually pushed up, or a black shirt, dark wash jeans, and a tailored light linen jacket worn with sneakers. Make sure to wear aviators or classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers to give that celebrity edge. 

For the casual look, try loose-cut dark blue jeans with a khaki V-neck T-shirt and leather jacket in either motorcycle or flying jacket style in brown, beige or black. T-shirts (especially in black, as recently carried off by David Beckham) look great under denim shirts, and pay attention to how many buttons you do up. You can go with just the top button done up, looking like you have just run out the door while making an important style statement at the same time. Don’t forget the classic “Canadian tuxedo” by learning to mix your denims.  


The must-have shoes for every man’s wardrobe (worn with no socks this summer for that style edge), include loafers, dock shoes, or sneakers; hiking, basketball or desert boots; brogues, and cap toe or plain toe lace-ups. 

2015 trends   

Trends to take into account this season include the much looser cut of pants at E. Tautz by Patrick Grant, seen at his show in London in January. Similar to “Oxford Bags” from the 1920s to 1950s, these have a slightly higher waist to give the pants length in proportion to their width. The two-button double-breasted jackets are also roomier, with wider lapels. 

Kim Jones at Louis Vuitton used woven arts and crafts patterns mixed with denim, camel, brown and gray tailoring. Pants were rolled up with wide turn-ups, and there was an array of cross-body man bags to be seen on the runway this season. 

Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy expertly married uniquely colored pinstripe tailoring with Native American tapestry patterns. Tisci has experimented with proportions and the man skirt in the form of a buttoned cardigan style worn over pants, or knee-length cardigans worn under jackets. 

Miuccia Prada designed an elegant and clean-cut collection with 1960s-inspired nylon coats, short sleeve nylon shirts worn with tailored pants, and chunky Doc Martin style lace-ups. Pale gray suits, both single and double-breasted, were very early Beatles-looking, and there were cropped military jackets and khaki shirts. 

Patrice Stable at Dior Homme re-imagined the tuxedo worn with chunky-soled DM-style shoes. He played with sporty and formal looks, juxtaposing them for a totally new look. Denim shirts and sweatshirts worn over crisp collar and tie were tucked into leather or pinstripe jogging pants. Normally reserved to customize denim or leather jackets, button badges were pinned to perfectly tailored tuxedo and Prince of Wales jackets. 

Pre-Spring 2016  

In mid-May, Nicola de Lima was buying the Pre-Spring 2016 line for her Cayman stores in the corporate showroom of Hugo Boss in the financial district of NYC. “I find myself surrounded by 58 other buyers from across the Caribbean, South and Latin American countries,” said de Lima.  

“We all are mesmerized by images depicting a Digital Safari-Tech Expedition. The storyboard, inspired by a luxurious long weekend safari, sends you off to the adventurous outdoors of the Sahara desert.

It’s all about the mix of sandy, rocky desert, alongside the top-notch technical gadgets that help you navigate to your ultimate destination for fun, relaxation, adventure and active golfing.  

“Imagine, Cayman on safari. Coming soon to the Cayman Islands.” 


’60s style at Prada


Beatles-style double-breasted suit at Prada


Jeremy Renner arrives at a screening of Marvel’s ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ in a sharp tailored charcoal suit.
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP


Denim and cross body bags at Louis Vuitton


Tailored suit at Louis Vuitton


Native American tapestry patterned suit at Louis Vuitton


Denim shirt, collar and tie and leather jogging pants at Dior Homme


Pharrell Williams arrives at Season 8 of ‘The Voice’ Red Carpet Event at the Pa
cific Design Center in West Hollywood, California. – Photo: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP
Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP


Crisp tailored Prince of Wales suit with button badges at Dior Homme


A modern take on the tuxedo at Dior Homme.


Kanye West and his original layered style


Bradley Cooper in casual style, with Emma Stone
Jonathan Short/Invision/AP


David Beckham displays motorcycle chic. – Photos: AP


Tom Ford in a tuxedo at the Met Gala with Rita Ora
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

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