At least six break-ins in Windsor Park area in two weeks

George Town residents reported at least six burglaries in the Windsor Park-Walkers Road area within the past two weeks.

“While some people would like to keep quiet the news of rising crime rates, it is unfair that persons who are not aware that this is going on are unable to protect themselves,” Orville Jean-Jacques said in a letter to the Cayman Compass. “I am writing this letter as I am one of the victims of the daylight break-ins. I lost several electronic items and [other victims] have all confirmed that the thieves target electronics.”

Royal Cayman Islands Police Service spokesperson Jacqueline Carpenter confirmed that police had gotten at least four burglary reports in the area; two on Walkers Road and two on Newport Avenue. The report by Mr. Jean-Jacques was responded to on June 24. Ms. Carpenter said the scene was processed by analysts within an hour. Two days later, the victim was visited by an officer and provided with crime and burglary prevention advice.

“We have been making efforts to improve our communication with the public and crime victims,” Ms. Carpenter said.

Burglaries have been a stubborn problem for the RCIPS over the past few years. There were 147 break-ins reported during the first quarter of 2015 and nearly the same number in the first three months of 2014.


  1. I think that Ms Bell is wright , I did not see anything about these break-ins in the police reports, and why do the victims be contacted 2 days later and given burglary prevention advice.

  2. We were burgled in Fairbanks road on 19th June, as was another house in our street on the same day. Mid morning while we were at work. Lost electronics, jewelry and cash. Police arrived promptly but it appears the thieves were too well organised to leave any evidence behind. Heartbreaking to see children crying because their bedrooms have been ransacked and their belongings taken.

    Someone somewhere knows about these people. Please, tell the police.