Concern over crimes in George Town

It was recently reported in the news about the “high profile” robberies at Raleigh Quay and also the Church of God. I’m sure this has everyone concerned about the security of their property and belongings. 

What is even more appalling is that there were at least six break-ins in the Newport Avenue/Windsor Park/Walkers Road area two weeks ago and there has not been a word from police about this. While some people would like to keep quiet the news of rising crime rates, it is unfair that persons who are not aware that this is going on are unable to protect themselves. 

I am writing this letter as I am one of the victims of the daylight break-ins. I lost several electronic items, and from the persons who are either victims or who know other victims, have all confirmed that the thieves target electronics (laptops, tablets, iPods.) 

In addition, we have realized that the thieves are attempting to erase fingerprints by washing over with bleach. After our break-in, my wife and I discovered that a bottle of bleach we had in the kitchen was missing, and realized that it probably explained why no fingerprint evidence was found by the police team. 

Similarly, there was a break-in recently on Crewe Road at a family friend’s property where electronics were stolen. 

Since the break-in at my apartment, I have received no word from the police, nor have I been able to reach them through the telephone numbers they have provided. I did however receive a piece of correspondence from one officer claiming to be the officer-on-patrol for the area. He provided tips on how I can protect my house from being broken into. Talk about kicking a man when he is down!