Mud Run makes another splash

The Mud Run was even messier than last year, with new obstacles that were more challenging, yet the 450 entrants absolutely loved it. 

Saturday’s event was the second annual Mud Run, Pirates Week’s main fundraiser, and despite the blazing morning sun in Sparky Drive, everyone enjoyed it – and there were no major injuries or accidents.  

Melanie McField, executive director of the Pirates Week Festival, said she was extremely pleased with the 50 percent increase in participation and is confident that between entry fee and sponsorship, more than $10,000 will be raised toward this year’s Pirates Week.  

Ms. McField said that with all the marketing the Pirates Week organizers did and the introduction of new obstacles, as well as word of mouth among those who entered last year, the numbers swelled considerably. 

“Although we’re in the same vicinity, I am pleasantly surprised,” she said. “This can’t be held anywhere else on the island. It was fun, challenging and some fine athletes entered.” 

Samuel Young, the triathlete who is a regular entrant in runs throughout the year, won in 22 minutes 44 seconds.  

Last year Young had difficulty navigating the course because directions were not clearly signposted. This time, he did not encounter such problems thanks to numerous directions and volunteers to show the way.  

“I didn’t get lost or confused this time because all the obstacles were numbered and there were lots of arrows along the course,” Young said. 

Alta Wolff won the women’s race. Team winners were 4 Old Mudders of Marco Miranda, Mike Stevens, Craig Morgan and Wayne Morgan.  

In the children’s categories, Christopher Jackson, Kaylie Parchment and Davonte Howell were the winners.  

Prizes worth over $3,000 were given out at the end. 

The newly introduced slide was immensely popular, although it was scary for some because of its steepness before launching participants high into the water.  

“The people were fun, friendly and fearless and had a blast,” Ms. McField said, noting participants’ reactions to the slide. 

Another highlight for Ms. McField was the expressions seen when people entered the “body freeze,” a large vat of ice-cold water. “Hearing their remarks, I felt sorry for them, but all the same they enjoyed it.” 

She was glad there were no mishaps. “Safety is our priority, which is why we had the Red Cross, ambulance service, fire department and lifeguards there.” 

One hilarious moment was when a woman went down the slide on her front, landed on her back, and started swimming the backstroke to get out. 

“The general feedback was that they said they enjoyed it, they had so much fun and they appreciated the new obstacles and the different trail,” Ms. McField said. “They were happy we mixed it up.”  


The Body Freeze really made competitors gasp.


The obstacles were often challenging.


The slide was quite an experience.


The Mud Run was good, (not so) clean fun.


Samuel Young was the Mud Run winner. – PHOTOS: TANEOS RAMSAY


Alta Young and Samuel Young with their prizes. – PHOTO: SUBMITTED


A father and son enjoy on of the many obstacles during Saturday’s Mud Run, which driew some 450 participants. – PHOTO: TANEOS RAMSAY


Michael Richardson and his son Joshua enjoy one of the many obstacles during Saturday’s Mud Run, which drew some 450 participants. – PHOTO: TANEOS RAMSAY