Triple C students score 100 percent in AP calculus

Students at Triple C High School are celebrating a 100 percent pass rate in their Advanced Placement calculus exam. 

This means the students will be exempt from taking calculus 1 when they start university. 

To prepare for the exam, in addition to attending class, each student put in many hours outside of the regular school day. 

“I am happy that the hard work the students and I put in paid off,” said Sonia Gordon, AP calculus teacher. She said students met at the school several days over the holiday periods and used social media as means to study. “I must admit, I did work a lot more closely with this group due to the intensity of the course, and the students were allowed to WhatsApp questions that they were working on. I would then give them immediate feedback.”  

Samuel Larson, a grade 12 student, was happy he passed the exam, “I love math, but it was a lot of hard work,” he said. Samuel passed at the highest level with a range five. 

Robert Lankford, Triple C’s vice principal of secondary education, social and personal development, said the school is exceptionally proud of the students for the efforts they made to achieve these results. 


Samuel Larson passed AP Calculus at the highest level with a range five.