New senior deputy clerk joins court

Shiona Allenger has joined the judicial administration, taking up her post as senior deputy clerk of court and registrar of the Financial Services Division. She succeeds Tomica Daley. 

Court administrator Kevin McCormac welcomed Ms. Allenger, saying, “She brings a wealth of experience, energy and vision that will be a great asset to us as we continue to develop the procedures and processes of the civil courts.”  

Ms. Allenger earned her law degree at the Cayman Islands Law School in 2001, followed by the professional practice course through Belfast University in 2002. She has also completed an MBA through the University of Phoenix, Arizona. 

After four years as an attorney in Cayman, Ms. Allenger moved to Florida, where she was administrative director to a regional counsel and gained considerable experience in developing new administrative structures, including extensive involvement in family proceedings. 

Returning to Cayman in 2013, Ms. Allenger served as assistant clerk in the Legislative Assembly. 

Ms. Allenger

Ms. Allenger

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