Cayman's alternative water sports options

In Grand Cayman, water sports are seen as the gem in the diverse crown of activities that the island has to offer. In addition to snorkeling and diving, new activities are popping up, appealing to those looking to try something different and exciting. Here are just a few: 

Underwater helmet diving 

Sea Trek, founded by a 15-year veteran of the water sport industry, Ben Tresidder, offers an alternative method of underwater exploration. The method, developed by Sub Sea Systems, involves a safe underwater helmet, and requires little or no experience with swimming. Using a special helmet, participants breathe normally through their nose and/or mouth. No mouthpieces are required, and air flows continuously through the helmets, according to the Sea Trek website. 

Tours are conducted in shallow water and meticulously planned with a guide to ensure an exciting but safe experience, even for those with minimal water experience. 

  • Price: US$89 per person 
  • Contact: 949-0008 or 


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Also run by Sea Trek, Snuba is essentially shallow water diving using a 20-foot snorkel-like device attached to a scuba tank on the surface. This allows for an underwater experience without the complexity of using diving gear, creating a simplistic bridge between snorkeling and diving. Along with the normal Snuba tour, Sea Trek also offers the opportunity to explore shipwrecks on the west side of the island, feed fish and swim along the reef. 

  • Price: US$89 per person 
  • Contact: 949-0008 or 

Reef gliding 

The newly revamped Discovereef offers a variety of water sports. The Reef Glider, a combination of snorkeling and Jet Skiing, provides the opportunity to experience the reefs and ocean from a mobile Reef Glider, which can be used in all conditions. The glider is simply a Jet Ski with an eyepiece for viewing the water directly below, appealing to those who are not strong swimmers or those who simply want to try something new. Discovereef also offers guided nighttime tours, with LED lights fitted onto the Reef Gliders to provide an interesting variation. 

  • Price: US$89 per hour (day)- Single passenger 
  • US$125 per hour (day)- Double passenger 
  • US$99 per hour (night)- Single passenger 
  • US$165 per hour (night)- Double passenger 
  • Contact: 525-5101 or

Duck tours 

Boasting the versatility of the amphibious trolley boat, Parrots of the Caribbean offers guided land and sea tours from the comfort of one vehicle. From George Town and Seven Mile Beach, to shipwrecks and reefs, the tour offers a way to see the land and sea attractions with minimal exertion. The tour starts at the port, drives through George Town, up through Seven Mile Beach and then into the water for a tour of the reefs and marine life. 

Jet Ski Safari 

Fat Fish Adventures is just one of the companies offering the opportunity to visit Stingray City or the Sandbar on a Jet Ski or Wave Runner, with complimentary snorkeling and water gear included. Tours start at Hard Rock Cafe, with a free shuttle bus included from any George Town hotel. Guests are transported to Stingray City. The trip to visit the stingrays is followed by reef snorkeling and a tour through the mangroves en route back to the port. 

  • Price: US$125- one person on one Jet Ski 
  • US$175 – two riders on one Jet Ski 
  • US$200 – three riders on one Jet Ski 
  • Contact: 327-4973 or

Stand-up paddleboarding 

In the last few years, stand-up paddleboarding has evolved greatly and has been embraced by both water sport enthusiasts and the surf community alike. Using a long and wide board to increase stability, the user stays standing while using a long paddle to move the board. After learning the basics, the sport is enjoyable for all regardless of skill level. There are a few providers in Cayman, including Red Sail Sports and Cayman Stand Up Paddle Co. 

Red Sail Sports Cayman: 

  • Price: US$40 per hour, including instruction for beginners 
  • Contact: 623-5965 or

Cayman Stand Up Paddle Co.: 

  • Price: US$30 for one hour 
  • US$80 for a half-day 
  • US$100 for a full day (8 hours) 
  • US$350 for a week 
  • Contact: 938-4787 or


White Sand Sports, on the Queens Highway offers the Jetovator, which is similar to a water jetpack but is used while seated, and is simpler to use. Most people are able to independently use the Jetovator in 10 minutes, with the passenger being able to fly up to 25 feet into the air and dive down into the water. All riders are accompanied by a trained guide who is able to control the Jetovator to suit individual levels of skill. 


Several companies offer visits to Stingray City or the Sandbar on a Jet Ski or Wave Runner.
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