GT road closure for music festival

Harbour Drive between Goring Avenue and Boilers Road in central George Town will be closed to traffic Friday from 11 a.m. until midnight to accommodate a waterfront music festival. 

The Harbour Nights festival stage will be erected on Harbour Drive. 

Police advise that while Harbour Drive will be closed to traffic, Goring Avenue and Boilers Road will remain open to allow for the free flow of traffic around the closure. 


  1. Another event that will inconvenience thousands for the pleasure of the elite of the Cayman Music scene. No one cares about these events, no one goes. Last time coming out of a restaurant i saw maybe 50 people sitting listening to one of the bands.

    Have a party in your yard. Royal Watler. Public Beach. Hyatt Parking Lot. Jacques Scott Yard. Grand Harbour… The list goes on of public and some private venues that a nice event can be held at.

    All these street closures do is disrupt business downtown and traffic throughout the entire eastern part of georgetown for the entire day.

    The organisers of these events and the people who authorise the road closures are destroying the viability of Georgetown, not improving it.

    Batabano, Pirates week, thats should be the only time the Harbour Drive is closed.

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