Court lists wrong defendant in ‘insulting modesty of woman’ case

The Cayman Islands court system listed the wrong name for a defendant in a criminal case due before the Summary Court on Monday. 

The incorrect name listed was that of former Cayman Islands attorney general, former Human Rights Commission chairman and ex-Cayman Finance chairman Richard Haylock Coles. 

Mr. Coles has not been charged with any crime in the Cayman Islands and was not the defendant in the insulting the modesty of a woman case before the court on Monday. 

“The Summary Court list for Magistrate [Kirsty Ann] Gunn’s court that was published on Friday incorrectly included the name of Richard Haylock Coles as a defendant,” a notice from Clerk of the Court Kevin McCormac stated Monday. “That was an error in the court system. The defendant is Richard T. Cole.” 

How the wrong name came to be listed on the court docket was not explained by the court system, but Mr. McCormac indicated officials were addressing the problem. 

“We are ensuring that the error is not repeated and I apologize to you all for any unnecessary work this may have caused,” Mr. McCormac said. 


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