Naked swimmer taken to hospital

A woman took off all of her clothes in central George Town Friday afternoon and went for a swim in the harbor, according to police.

Witnesses say she climbed over the sea wall opposite the Coe Centre, removing her clothes before getting in the water. She came back out of the water about 10 minutes later, put her clothes back on and walked away.

Police say they responded to a call from North Church Street, located the woman and took her to the hospital.


  1. It has been so hot lately, I am surprised that more people have not done this.
    Don’t know what her mental condition was but it could not have been that bad, that she put her clothes back on.

  2. Mind you; without the dock and cruise ship pier; when GT is vacant and businesses shutter because of no people to shop etc..; then that will be the ideal practice to past the time away.
    That and more…..