Bail granted on wounding charge

After hearing details of a situation that led to a charge of wounding with intent, Magistrate Valdis Foldats granted bail on Tuesday to Jameil Livingston Rankine.

Rankine was charged following an incident in the early hours of Friday, Aug. 21, on Seven Mile Beach in the vicinity of Snooze Lane.

In that incident, Crown counsel Kenneth Ferguson said the wounded man sustained a cut on his left cheek that required four stitches, and two wounds to his head. The injuries were said to have been inflicted with a machete.

The defendant is also charged with possession of an offensive weapon (the machete) and causing alarm or distress to a female who was at the scene.

The magistrate asked questions about the relationships between the individuals before satisfying himself that bail could be granted with conditions.

Defense attorney Martha Rankine noted that the 22-year-old defendant is self-employed and has no previous convictions.

The magistrate granted bail with a recognizance and surety, both in the sum of $1,500. Conditions included a specified residence, curfew between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m., wearing an electronic monitor, and no contact with the victim and witness.

The wounding with intent charge was sent to Grand Court, where it is to be mentioned again on Friday, Sept. 4.

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