Nearly two dozen ticketed in traffic crackdown

A one-hour police roadblock along the Linford Pierson Highway in George Town on Wednesday nabbed 23 drivers for various offenses, Royal Cayman Islands Police officers reported.

Citations issued included illegal tinting of windows, obscured license plates and other traffic breaches. Police said 23 people were prosecuted for various offenses.

The operation, between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m., was carried out after residents had complained to the RCIPS repeatedly at community clinics earlier this year about a perceived lack of traffic enforcement.

Police said operations like Wednesday’s roadblock will continue with public schools getting back into session next week.


  1. Wow… I seriously thought that was a manhunt.

    The helicopter was overhead for at least 30 minutes. Probably a dozen officers with six maybe eight vehicles. One parked by Kings, the officers involved in the road blocks, two others at one side road and another at at a side road further on.

    I welcome the fact that you have gone out and written a traffic ticket, 23 even, but you could write 23 tickets any day with a single officer of people running the stop sign coming from Jose’s onto Linford Pearson. Or the speeding in the morning. Or illegal passing. Or following too close…

    But this was not for driving offences…

    I do believe a single officer could write 23, even 46 tickets in a day for illegal tints and obscured licence plates by looking at cars in parking lots the same way you would write a parking ticket. The ticket could be seven days to pass a mandatory full vehicle inspection at Vehicle Licensing (at the offenders cost) or a $250 fine to the owner of the vehicle if they fail to get an inspection.