Sentencing set for four in liquor store robbery

Three found guilty at trial, fourth pleaded guilty earlier

Justice Francis Belle has set Thursday, Sept. 24, for the sentencing of three men found guilty at trial of robbing Blackbeard’s liquor store in Dec. 2014 and one man who pleaded guilty in April this year. 

On Thursday, a jury returned unanimous verdicts against Andrew Lopez, Bron Webb and Randy Dale Connor, finding them guilty of robbing a cashier in the Grand Harbour store, robbing a customer in the store, and possessing an unlicensed firearm. 

The fourth robber, Devon Emmanuel Wright Jr., pleaded guilty on April 17. 

Justice Belle noted Wright’s plea at an early stage and said he was entitled to a discount. 

“We are looking at fairly young men,” the judge commented, adding that none had a history of serious crime. He suggested that their background be reviewed, along with any mitigating or aggravating circumstances. At the time of the robbery, Lopez and Webb were 21, Connor was 24 and Wright was 23. At attorneys’ requests, the judge ordered social inquiry reports. 

The judge also suggested that victim impact statements be obtained. 

The robbery of Blackbeard’s involved the use of force or threat of force against a cashier in order to steal CI$4,604.42 and US$582. The robbery of the customer involved the use or threat of force to steal her purse and contents that included cash, bank cards, a cellphone and a photo of her brother. The firearm, a gold-colored shotgun, was carried by one of the robbers. 

Another robber carried a silver-colored handgun, but it was never recovered. 

Police found all four men at Lopez’s residence in Prospect shortly after the robbery, along with a black Ford Escape parked in the yard. Items recovered on the premises included the purse and photo, plus CI$4,536 and US$594. The shotgun was found in Lopez’s attic the next day. 

The getaway car used in the robbery was identified as a black 2004 Ford Escape. Investigations showed there were only three such vehicles on the island and the owners of the other two provided statements that their vehicles were not in the area of Grand Harbour at the time of the robbery. 

The Crown’s case was that Lopez was the getaway driver, while the other three men entered the store. Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryll Richards conducted the prosecution, assisted by senior Crown counsel Tanya Lobban. 

Security camera footage caught the robbery in progress. The faces of innocent bystanders have been pixelated in this image.

Security camera footage caught the robbery in progress. The faces of innocent bystanders have been pixelated in this image.

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