Lewison's adviser recommends a move to Florida

Peter “Lightning” Lewison is considering a move to the United States after his setback loss to Garrett “The Ultimate Warrior” Wilson on Saturday night. 

Lewison was battered to a sixth-round stoppage, but considering how poorly prepared the 27-year-old Caymanian was in his debut bout at cruiserweight, he did well at the D. Dalmain Ebanks Boxing Gymnasium to survive as long as he did against a fearsome puncher. 

Raul Alvarez, Lewison’s adviser, said, “Garrett Wilson came to fight and I think the whole boxing world knew that this would be a tough fight for Peter. 

“It was a big step up and he showed a lot of heart. There is no quit in Peter.” 

Lewison said afterward that he wants a rematch with Wilson, but Alvarez believes he should take on some of Wilson’s former opponents first and improve that way before a rematch. 

Lewison is talking of basing himself in New York and training under former Olympic and world champ Mark Breland. 

Miamia-based Alvarez believes Lewison does not have to go that far and can train in Florida where there are plenty of quality coaches and excellent sparring opportunities. 

“It’s a lot closer … and the weather’s a lot better,” Alvarez said. 

“Florida is getting really busy for boxing. Al Haymon [one of the top managers/promoters] is promoting shows in Florida now, so maybe Haymon takes a peak at Peter down the road and decides to bring his show to Cayman. That would be huge, bringing major television here.” 

Lewison said he would consider Florida, but he still prefers the thought of training in New York where his father lives. 

Peter Lewison is considering a move to the U.S. - PHOTO: RON SHILLINGFORD

Peter Lewison is considering a move to the U.S. – PHOTO: RON SHILLINGFORD

Raul Alvarez

Raul Alvarez

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