Rutty flips like a seasoned vet

Raegan Rutty is the youngest female member of the Cayman Islands national gymnastics team, yet she performs like the world-class adult she eventually hopes to become. 

Rutty is only 13 but has been a gymnast since age 4. Academically bright too, she is a gold honor roll student at Cayman International School. 

Rutty happily trains around 20 hours a week at Motions Unlimited. 

A level 8 gymnast training for level 9, she is upgrading her skills in all four events. Rutty loves the vibe at Motions, where she says the coaches are very supportive and “never say we can’t do it, but always that we can.” 

She added, “They push us just enough to not be mean, but to be able to stretch ourselves. There is a mutual trust involved in gymnastics, between the coach, athlete and equipment.” 

Rutty feels very secure at Motions and never resentful of spending all her spare time aspiring to be a champion. 

An all-around athlete at school, she also loves to fish with her father. Rutty is a seventh generation Caymanian and very proud of that fact. 

“I’ve tried dance but have always stuck to gymnastics,” she said. “I also love fishing, soccer and football.” 

Her best achievement has been representing Cayman in national competitions. 

Overcoming injuries has been a real test of character too, having had hip problems at her first national meet. 

Her ambitions are boundless. “I would love to represent Cayman at the highest level possible,” she said. “I know I haven’t achieved this because I haven’t stopped learning.” 

Rutty’s passion for gymnastics is reflected in her advice for anyone considering taking it up. 

“I think everyone should do gymnastics because it teaches you to never give up, flexibility, fitness, healthy eating and discipline. 

“I love representing Cayman because [when we compete abroad] no one knows what to expect from us. That means when we wow them away, it means something special coming from a small island.” 

Raegan Rutty demonstrates her flexibility and agility on the beam.

Raegan Rutty demonstrates her flexibility and agility on the beam.

Raegan loves the vibe at Motions Unlimited.

Raegan loves the vibe at Motions Unlimited.

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