Prison officer charged with common assault

Officer accused of throwing water on inmate

Prison officer Cohen St. Hugh Daley appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday charged with assaulting a prison inmate by throwing water on him. 

Daley stood in the dock in his prison guard uniform. 

The charge is based on an alleged incident at Northward Prison on March 3. 

Asked if he would be getting an attorney, Daley told Chief Magistrate Nova Hall, “I’m going to seek legal advice on the basis that this was dealt with internally at the prison.” 

He was given papers that summarize the case against him, plus a case management form. The form, which came into use on Sept. 1, is meant to be filled out by both the Crown and defense with information that will help a case progress efficiently. 

The magistrate directed Daley to return to court on Sept. 17. 

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