Police seek public's help on stolen vehicles

Five cars have been stolen on Grand Cayman over the past 10 days, according to police, who are appealing for help from the public to locate the vehicles. 

Four Honda CR-Vs were stolen, as well as a Mercedes-Benz. Two of the vehicles, a CR-V and the Mercedes-Benz, have been recovered, but police are asking for help in recovering the others. 

Police are looking for a white 1999 Honda CR-V, registration number 147 807, which was stolen on Aug. 26 from West Bay Road in George Town; a green 1997 Honda CR-V, registration number 110 754, stolen on Aug. 30 from South Church Street in George Town; and a silver 2000 Honda CR-V, registration number 139 474, stolen on Aug. 31 from South Church Street. 

Police are asking anyone with information to call George Town Police Station at 949-4222, or to report the information to any district police station. They can also call Crime Stoppers at 800-8477(TIPS). 

A Honda CR-V, similiar to vehicles stolen in George Town recently.

A Honda CR-V, similiar to vehicles stolen in George Town recently.


  1. Sometimes looking for the whole vehicle can be a waste of time if this is not published right away. Put on the TV, and in the news papers and radio.
    Another bad thing that is taking place on the Island, is that there are two or three "Strip Masters" who is professional in striping a car in one hour. These parts are a prize price to be sent away and sold or used. I took my car to a garage once to just have a dent repaired, it stayed there for a day. After driving it away on about the third day I noticed that all four tires and rims were changed and replaced with old ones. Luckily I took it back and heavily complained and the company had to replace four new rims and wheels. Taking apart cars for parts is a big thing on island, and it is happening at all and some of the most reputable garages. Advice, be very careful when you take your car to a garage, because your parts are being replaced with old parts, and you’re back in a week. Even got to make identifying marks on special parts of your car engine, tires, spare and you name it. This place is gone for sure.

  2. Why so many Honda CR-Vs?
    And two in S Church St, one in George Town.
    Are they easier to steal than other cars or does the thief have some sort of skeleton key that makes him target those cars out of preference.

  3. Norman it’s mostly because they are popular and parts are pretty interchangeable. They get stolen and parted out, with some parts probably going off island. I don’t think they are necessarily easier to steal, but there is a greater incentive to.

  4. I think that the police should take Ms Vargas comment with a grain of salt and set up a sting operation, and stop asking the public to solve every case for them. Which I’m not saying that if you know something you should not help the police. We have to remember that every time the insurance company has to pay off for a vehicle, the cost is passed on to the consumer in premium.

  5. Hondas are high on the list of stolen models in New Jersey as well. The parts sell like hotcakes.
    Just get a good alarm, they are worth the investment unlike the car itself which will lose value as soon as it leaves the lot so don’t expect the insurance company to pick up the full loss.

  6. I think that the government/customs could put a stop to all this, by making a law that says that when a boat leaves the the Islands it must be cleared by customs and leaves the Islands and kept on the radar for 6 hours after departure.

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