Little aces serve and volley again

Tennis coaching for kids living in Grand Cayman’s outer districts kicks off again from Monday, thanks to sponsorship by Cayman National. 

About 70 youngsters in total will benefit from beginners’ tennis lessons this term at their respective government primary schools. 

The Cayman National program covers Edna Moyle Primary in North Side, plus East End, Bodden Town and West Bay’s John A. Cumber primaries. 

Weekly coaching, which takes place during the school’s physical education time, is coordinated by the Tennis Federation of the Cayman Islands. 

Play is on the school’s hard court, with portable nets, short-handled racquets and special slow balls making the game easy to pick up. There are usually about 15 children in a class, and coaches teach at least one class, sometimes two, per visit. 

“It’s really hard to convey just how much many youngsters enjoy these lessons,” said the federation’s chief Eliza Harford. “They really appreciate the opportunity to get outside and get some exercise, while learning something new. They love the challenge and the running around, and the coaches are great role models.” 

The TFCI is grateful to Cayman National for its support, added Harford. Cayman National has been sponsoring tennis for local youngsters since 2012, opening up opportunities for outer-districts children whose sporting options are limited, she said. 

Coaches come from Cayman Tennis Academy, headed by Noel Watkins. 

Tennis is back in outer district schools.

Tennis is back in outer district schools.

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