Royal Navy, other countries help Dominica

The British naval vessel Lyme Bay is wrapping up a week spent off Dominica, bringing assistance to the tropical storm-wracked Eastern Caribbean country. 

The Lyme Bay was part of an international relief effort following Aug. 27’s Tropical Storm Erika, which brought severe flooding and mud slides, particularly to Dominica’s southern coast. Vessels from the U.S., Venezuela and the Netherlands have also pitched in to ensure a steady flow of needed supplies. 

“In a few short hours, we saw just how vulnerable we all are to the effects of climate change,” British High Commissioner to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean Victoria Dean said. “RFA Lyme Bay has made such a significant contribution to dealing with the worst of the storm’s aftermath.” 

Crew members aboard the Lyme Bay have assisted both on shore and off by bringing in food, medical and other needed supplies to areas of Dominica worst-hit by the storm.  

The sailors have also assisted in clearing roads and homes buried under the mudslides that were mostly blamed for the 31 deaths on the island following the storm. 

“Our teams ashore have … been successful in digging out vehicles, and clearing the school, church and communal washing facilities in the village of Coulibistri, which was deluged by mudslides, whilst our teams onboard and ashore have produced and distributed over 6,000 hot meals as well as other food and stores items to outlying communities,” Lyme Bay commander Captain Paul Minter said. 

The ship’s Royal Navy Lynx helicopter flew to several other villages to drop off supplies, conduct surveys and evacuate one medical patient. More than 25 supply flights moved about two tons of stores each day to the communities that had been cut off from the rest of the islands by the effects of the storm. 

Residents of Petite Savanne by sea on Dominica

Residents of Petite Savanne by sea on Dominica’s south east coast were evacuated in the wake of Tropical Storm Erika on Aug. 27. Photo: The Sun, Dominica


  1. Well, now we know: The British High Commissioner to Barbados and Easter Caribbean says storms are the result of ”climate change”.

    How thick do you have to be to get a job like that?

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