Gall always makes a splash for Dolphins

Fabio Gall is small and fast, which when playing flag football are two huge assets. Gall is elusive, and as he is just 5-feet 6-inches tall, can whizz around lumbering opponents literally twice his size. 

For the past three years he has featured in flag games every Saturday afternoon at the Ed Bush stadium in West Bay. He turns out for the Maples Dolphins and feeds off the pre-game energy. “What really satisfies me the most is the hype of the game and how pumped everyone around you becomes,” Gall said. “Regular football is my favorite sport. I love it out of this world. But I really enjoy playing flag too.” 

The Dolphins were in disarray last season, losing every game. Yet the nucleus stayed together and quarterback Chris LeBeau now has Gall, Deandre Simpson and Larue Nixon to rely on for incisive runs. 

Gall loves his will-o’-the-wisp persona and claims to be “proud to be the smallest player on the field,” using his electric pace to maximum effect when handed the ball by LeBeau. “It makes it difficult for my opponents to catch me,” Gall said. “I use my size as an advantage, with no hard feelings.” 

Keeping fit by playing flag throughout the summer, he will be in great shape when he lines up for Academy Sports Club when the football season kicks off next month, as a versatile winger. 

Academy’s youngsters were relegated two seasons ago, regrouped last term in the First Division and won it handily. A little more mature and experienced, Gall will be a vital member of the side that will challenge for honors.  

He does not play any other sports at the moment but looks forward to getting involved in rugby, inspired by his sister Shenel’s brilliance in a game she took up on a whim only a couple of years ago. 

The issue of sibling rivalry is a constant topic he is asked about. “I’ve received that question numerous times, but there isn’t any sibling rivalry. Since she knows she came up under me … 

“And in all honesty, I am beyond proud of my sister for her achievements, especially for being the first professional female footballer from the Cayman Islands. I’ll always support and wish her the best in anything she’s doing.” 

He claims she is one of his sporting idols, as is footballer Thierry Henry. 

Gall started playing football from the fourth grade and there have been spells of cricket, baseball and track and field. 

The 22-year-old Caymanian has worked in IT at Maples and Calder for the past five years. 

Although Cayman’s sports facilities are overall really good, Gall “would like to see a setup of better facilities.” 

He added, “My personal opinion is we could have more sporting events held here in Cayman.” 

He would love to be a part of the Cayman Islands marathon, but football commitments don’t allow for that.  

For now he is focused on the two forms of football and relishing soccer season, which starts next month. “My predictions for winning the Premier League, FA Cup and President’s Cup will either be between Scholars, Elite, Bodden Town and Academy.” 

Thierry Henry inspires Gall. - PHOTO: AP

Thierry Henry inspires Gall. – PHOTO: AP

Fabio Gall

Fabio Gall’s electric pace makes him difficult to tackle. – PHOTOS: RON SHILLINGFORD

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