Man on bail for firearm faces new charges

A man on bail for a firearm offense was remanded in custody on Wednesday after five new sets of charges were filed against him. 

Mark Melado Llewellyn, 35, is scheduled to return to Summary Court on Thursday for a charge of possession of a .38 handgun without a license. The gun and a quantity of ganja were allegedly found at a residence in North Side on June 5. 

Those charges have been before the court since June 30. On Aug. 27, Llewellyn’s attorney asked for more time to take instructions. The matter was then set for Sept. 17 with the note that this was to be the final date for pleas to be entered. 

On Wednesday, attorney Lee Halliday-Davis did not apply for Llewellyn’s bail to be continued. Crown counsel Scott Wainwright said he would have objected to bail, since some of the new charges relate to offenses allegedly committed while the defendant was on bail for the firearm charge. 

Details for a new charge of burglary are that Llewellyn entered a private office at Treasure Island Resort on May 7 as a trespasser and stole US$13,501 and CI$6,200 belonging to the resort. 

A new charge of attempted burglary alleges that Llewellyn attempted to enter the manager’s apartment at Sunset House on South Church Street on Sept. 10 intending to steal anything of value. 

Incidents on Sept. 14-15 led to four charges. The defendant is accused of threatening serious harm to a police officer in Windsor Park. He is then alleged to have threatened another officer at the George Town Police Station and threatened to kill an auxiliary constable, also at the police station. He is also charged with common assault for spitting on the constable. 

A separate charge of common assault relates to an incident at the George Town courthouse on Aug. 20, when Llewellyn is accused of hitting an electronic monitoring officer on her shoulder. 

Charges of careless driving, driving without insurance, and leaving the scene of an accident relate to an incident on Aug. 31 on Mary Street in George Town. Magistrate Angelyn Hernandez set the five new files for mention again on Sept. 30.  

Along with the firearm charge, Llewellyn faces another set of charges on Sept. 17 – threatening to kill a Grand Court clerk on April 18 at the courthouse, and using abusive, threatening or insulting words or behavior, thereby causing the clerk or another person harassment, alarm or distress. 

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