Health City opens neurosurgery services

Health City Cayman Islands has expanded its services to offer neurosurgery procedures. 

The hospital announced the launch of new services, which will include treatment of brain conditions such as tumors and aneurysms, as well as treatment for back and neck problems. Neurosurgeons treat the entire spine, including the spinal cord, Health City physician Dr. Komal Prasad said in a press statement. 

“Choosing a neurosurgeon for your brain as well as your spine health will ensure you’re getting the most experienced and relevant medical attention,” Dr. Komal said. 

In addition to treating various brain diseases, neuro-spinal specialists can treat back and neck pain, performing surgeries for herniated discs and sciatica. 

According to the hospital, its Department of Neurology is equipped with a special operating microscope for use in various minimally invasive brain and spinal procedures. 

“The minimally invasive approach we use result in smaller scars, shorter recovery times, less post-operative pain and shorter hospital stays,” Dr. Prasad said. “In fact, many patients are home within 24 hours after this kind of minimally invasive spinal procedure.” 

Health City began offering neurosurgery services on Sept. 14. 

Dr. Prasad

Dr. Prasad

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