Film production company coming to Cayman

A film production company is planning to set up shop in the Cayman Islands with the aim of nurturing local talent and making movies here. 

The owners of Pod Intermedia, whose short movie “The Courier” was an official selection at the first Cayman Film Festival earlier this year, say they are in talks to set up an arm of their business in Grand Cayman. 

Tony Mark, the director of the film festival, said the company could be the perfect fit for Cayman’s nascent film industry. 

“They have a distribution deal and are looking, initially, to make three or four movies down here, with the long-term ambition of setting up a studio,” he said. 

Courtney Jones, producer and CEO of the small company previously based in Seattle and New Mexico, said the company had a deal with a distributor that could potentially get content on Netflix. He said they have four or five movie projects “ready to go” that could be filmed in Cayman. 

“We actually want to set up an arm of our company in Cayman, so we are not just from the outside coming in,” Mr. Jones said. “Education is very important to us. We are interested in developing talent and growing an industry there.” 

He said the company focuses on low-budget productions with a small crew, making a mix of feature films and short movies, designed as “proof of concept” for larger projects. 

“Our development process is fluid,” he added. “We can do anything, anywhere, any time. If we decide surfing vampires are hot and that needs to be done in Grand Cayman, we can do that, absolutely.” 

Mr. Mark, who is a former movie director, met with Mr. Jones and his partner at the Cayman Film Festival in June. He said talks, in motion before that point, had accelerated. He hopes the production company could be filming on island early next year. 

“It just seems like the timing is really good,” Mr. Mark said. “People are starting to make short movies and there is a growing interest generally. People are starting to see the potential of Cayman as a location.” 

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