Bullet interrupts honeymoon travel

Traveler passed through two airports to get to Cayman

A visitor in Cayman on his honeymoon appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday, a day after he and his wife had planned to leave Cayman at the end of their weeklong stay. 

Charged with possession of an unlicensed firearm, he pleaded guilty to having a single .40-caliber round of ammunition in his hand luggage at Owen Roberts International Airport on Sept. 21. 

Senior Crown counsel Tanya Lobban said the couple arrived on island on Sept. 14. They were in the process of departing when the round was discovered as the bag was being screened. 

Interviewed after his arrest, the man said he had several guns in his home state and had licenses for all of them. 

In court, he told Magistrate Valdis Foldats that he was an avid hunter and, “In my area, everybody has guns.” He said he used the bag for different purposes and thought he had cleaned it out before his trip to Cayman. 

The magistrate asked how many airports he had passed through on his way here. The defendant replied that he had come through San Francisco and Georgia. 

“We have this happen frequently,” he told the defendant. “It’s surprising how frequently ammunition is found by our officers, [yet] on almost every occasion the person has come through other airports.” 

He pointed out that every country has different laws and Cayman’s laws regarding firearms are very strict. 

The magistrate asked if the defendant’s wife was with him. Told yes, he commented on the extra expense and inconvenience of a flight delay and staying on island another night. “I’m sure it was an unusual start to your marriage and an unusual end to your honeymoon,” he added. 

In all the circumstances, he concluded that he could follow recent precedents by giving the defendant an absolute discharge but impose costs of $1,000 or 90 days in lieu of payment. 

He ordered the forfeiture and destruction of the ammunition. 


  1. The tourist should also been warned that in Cayman only the criminals have guns, which is why they’re being arrested and fined (possibly jailed).

  2. I wonder why these other airports didn’t find this bullet when their screening system supposed to be able to see and detect a bullet, and what is wrong with the Custom systems coming into the Islands that this bullet could not detected, but leaving the Island it can be detected. I think that customs should be more aggressive on the entry point than on the exit point, to prevent illegal stuff from coming into the Islands. Again one bullet founded going out the Island, who says that he missed delivering all but one bullet.

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