Police, community leaders tour Martin Drive

The Martin Drive area in central George Town has been the site of violence in recent months. The short street off Shedden Road, in September alone, was the scene of a stabbing in an argument over $10, and an incident in which bullets hit a car and a building.  

In July, Jason Powery was shot dead in the area. 

Members of the Central Scranton Community Committee invited police for a tour of the neighborhood to talk to the people who live there and learn about the issues and problem spots in the small, weaving roads that back up to the Government Administration Building.  

They gave officers a two-hour tour through the narrow streets and small clapboard houses alongside bigger homes. 

Committee chair Dale Ramoon pointed to open lots and overgrown corners that need to be cleaned up, and took officers to problem spots where drugs and violence are concentrated. “Some of the youngsters here don’t have any work,” he said. Mr. Ramoon was born and raised in the neighborhood and his 90-year-old mother still lives in a house by Scranton Park. “We need to build trust with police,” he said, “and allow people to feel at ease with the police.” 

Police Superintendent Angelique Howell said, “We cannot solve every problem, but we can offer to collaborate with them and try to come up with some new solutions and projects that the wider island community, especially business owners, could support.  

“I was very encouraged by our discussion and we will continue these walk-throughs on a regular basis while our Neighborhood Policing Department and public relations office work on longer-term initiatives.” 

scranton walkthrough1

Chief Inspector Claudia Brady, left, and Superintendent Angelique Howell get a tour of the Scranton neighborhood from resident Dale Ramoon.

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