Rubgy World Cup app gets you in the game

First impressions  

Despite the fact that the Rugby World Cup began on Sept. 18, there are still many games left, leading to the final on Oct. 31. That one’s sure to be a monster of a match; get it? 

Fans and hopeful supporters have been gathering at all the local venues to cheer on their teams. From the rugby club to pubs and even the Regal Camana Bay cinema, there is no shortage of places showing the tournament. 

Whether you’re a rugby fan or just crave an enthusiastic atmosphere, you’ll want a part of the world cup excitement. One of the best ways to make sure you don’t miss a single match is to download the free official Rugby World Cup 2015 app. 

I grew up in a household where rugby was definitely the sport of choice. Despite the setback of England losing to Wales last Saturday, we’re still hoping for a win against Australia on Oct. 3. The boys are certainly going to have to bring their “A” game on that day. 

The official app gives you all the information you need – and probably some you don’t – to help you negotiate the pools, schedule and results throughout the matches. 

From news and trivia to photos and videos, this free tool is invaluable to every keen follower of rugby and those who wish to join in the scrum. 

How it works  

If you’ve read my previous, incredibly entertaining (ahem) reviews on apps that cover Wimbledon and the Olympics, you’ll already be familiar with how the Rugby World Cup 2015 app works. 

When it opens up, it asks for permission to turn on location services. Probably a good idea, as you’ll want to know when matches are airing in your country without having to get into all that pesky addition and subtraction of time zones. 

This is when you’ll also choose the team you’re rooting for. 

It asks for your age and email address, but you don’t have to enter them for the app to work. 

After you’ve bypassed the nosy part of the procedure, you’ll be at a page with a headline story; the score from the latest match; a trivia question; and three lines in the top left-hand corner. My suggestion would be to tap on those lines, as they take you to the main menu and an overload of options. 

“Home” takes you to the home screen, of course. The first one you saw when you opened the app. Below that is “Latest,” which gives you the hottest news, videos and photos from the games. 

After “Latest” is “Trivia,” which is pretty self-explanatory, and “Social,” which covers social media posts and stats. 

“My Team” handles information about your specific team, including where they stand in world and social rankings, and the breakdown of the players on the squad. 

“Fixtures and Results” is going to be one of most useful links in the menu, as it gives you the dates and results of games that have already occurred, and the schedule for the rest of the tournament. You can sort this information by team in alphabetical order if you prefer, or by venue. 

The “Pools” tab is also very helpful, displaying what teams fall under which pool and how many wins, loses, draws and points they’ve accumulated thus far. 

“Trophy Tour” keeps track of where the famous Webb Ellis Cup is presently located as it makes its way around the U.K. and Ireland. Unless you’re going to be in that part of the world in the next month, this probably isn’t a very relevant source of information. 

The rest of the options in the menu feature fun games, putting together your “Dream Team,” changing your settings, and linking you to the ticketing page and an app that explains all the rules of rugby, in case you’re in the dark. 

When I tried it  

I confess that I’ve not been as good following the World Cup this time as I have in the past. It was therefore very useful to bone up on what I’d missed. Alas, I had watched England lose to Wales on the day, so I skipped over that particular piece of bad news and chose to focus on our upcoming match against Australia. If we lose that, perhaps I’ll change my favorite team in the app. Yeah … I am such a fickle fan. 

There were some great images to view, and let’s face it – the men are pretty easy on the eyes for gals like me. 

Final thoughts  

This is a very easy app to use and it’s free. It keeps the information you need at your fingertips to save you going through Google and other websites, giving you more time to schedule your life around the games. 

Even if you’re not a rugby fan, I encourage you to download the Rugby World Cup 2015 app and then watch a game or two. Odds are good that a “conversion” will take place when you give it a “try,” making you a supporter for life. 


Free. Easy to use. Wealth of information. 


Needs the Internet.
Have to choose “iPhone” only in App Store to get on iPad. 

Official Rugby World Cup 2015 App 

Cost: Free
  • World Rugby Limited
  • Devices: Android and iOS
  • Rating: E for Everyone 

Look for the official Rugby World Cup 2015 app in the App Store.


Use the app to follow the match schedule, test your rugby trivia knowledge, and see where your team ranks in the world and social standings.

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