New company helps patients get treatment at home

A new company with a mission to make it easier for individuals with health issues to be cared for in the comfort of their own home has recently launched in the Cayman Islands. 

Caring Hands Cayman provides in-home nursing services, including wound care, medication management and blood work. 

According to Caring Hands Cayman Care Manager Jackie Hickey, home care can be a good alternative for many individuals who would otherwise have to stay in the hospital for long periods of time. 

Caring Hands nurses can also design healthcare management plans for individuals with chronic conditions, and check in with patients on a regular basis to ensure the plan is working and is being followed correctly. 

“There are organizations that provide carers, but a big focus of ours is having it be nurse-led and practice-driven, so all of our care is driven by a healthcare professional as a standard of practice,” said Ms. Hickey, who is a registered nurse with 30 years of experience in the field. 

“We really want to be able to build a program of service to align with the existing healthcare system and help make the healthcare system even bigger and better than what it is,” she added. 

Dr. Komal Lawrence at Helix Healthcare specializes in internal medicine and has already used the services of Caring Hands Cayman, which was launched in August. She said the company has helped to fill a gap in the healthcare system. 

“It’s definitely something that was very badly needed on the island because we don’t have organized home healthcare, especially in the private sector,” Dr. Lawrence said. “They’ve been a great help.” 

Dr. Lawrence said that one of her patients recently needed intravenous antibiotics for three months. Since Caring Hands staff could administer those antibiotics, the patient was able to be treated at home. 

“Without Caring Hands, she would have had to stay in the hospital,” Dr. Lawrence said. 

Dr. Lawrence said patients often require follow-ups, but that can sometimes be a challenge for elderly patients who find it difficult to leave their homes. Caring Hands nurses can draw blood in patients’ homes, thus reducing the need for visits to a doctor’s office. 

For each patient, Ms. Hickey first conducts an initial assessment at their home and puts the treatment plan into place. She then follows up with the individual on a weekly basis. The agency, which provides short-term, long-term and live-in assistance, employs eight registered nurses and 12 caregivers. 

To complement the in-home nursing services, Caring Hands also provides other services designed to make it easier for individuals to maintain a high level of wellness. 

For elderly individuals, Caring Hands can provide helpers to manage errands and make appointments. 

The company can also provide home support assistance like housekeeping, laundry and meal preparation, as well as baby-sitting and after-school tutoring services. Such services are designed to help not only patients, but also those who are caregivers themselves. 

“[Having] a home care plan in place alleviates stress on the family and that’s really important,” Ms. Hickey said. “When a loved one is sick, you want your family there, but you don’t want your family to have to care for you. You want your family to sit there and hold your hand and support you.” 

Nurse Jackie Hickey is the care manager for Caring Hands Cayman.

Nurse Jackie Hickey is the care manager for Caring Hands Cayman.