'Nikki's Voice' team in first race

The Credit Union 5K was a significant event for team “Nikki’s Voice” on Saturday because after three months of intensive training in scorching heat, Nikki Christian and Scott Ruby entered their first-ever race as a pram duo. 

Christian, 24, has cerebral palsy and Ruby will push her the 26.2 miles of the Intertrust Cayman Islands Marathon on Dec. 6. The Credit Union run was ideal to put into practice all the long hours the pair and their backup team have spent in training throughout the summer. 

It started from the Credit Union office on Huldah Avenue, opposite Smith Road Oval, along Elgin Avenue, onto Walkers Road and back through Hospital Road. It was chip timed by Derek Larner’s Race Caribbean. 

Nikki’s team came 13th overall in 21 minutes, 48 seconds, not bad considering more than 200 people entered. 

“The race was great,” Ruby said. “We got held up at the start and had to figure out the wind, but it was a good chance for Nikki to run in a crowd and for me to interact with others with the pram.” 

He said the wind makes it unpredictable for them in an out-and-back course like Saturday’s because if it is good one way, then when changing running direction, it tends to be bad. 

“You just have to deal with it,” Ruby said. “It’s like what Nikki has to deal with all the time. 

“Life’s a struggle for everybody. You just have to look at somebody who has life that much harder and you realize your struggle’s not so bad.”  

He added that their next race is “whenever Nikki wants to go” and that they will definitely be doing the 30K race in East End, organized by Derek Larner’s Race Caribbean. 

Starting and finishing at Morritt’s Tortuga Club on Oct. 25, it is divided into three 10K legs. It is conveniently timed five weeks prior to the Cayman Marathon. 

The 10-10-10 relay race requires three individuals to run a leg of 10K each, while the 30K Solo Run is for single runners. The 30K runners are allowed to run a leg for a relay team, and sensibly choose the first leg. 

“Derek Larner puts on a great event, as we’ve seen today, so we don’t want to miss that one,” Ruby said. 

Nikki Christian and Scott Ruby are confident of finishing the marathon. - PHOTO: RON SHILLINGFORD

Nikki Christian and Scott Ruby are confident of finishing the marathon. – PHOTO: RON SHILLINGFORD

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