Anti-dredging protest planned

A public demonstration is being planned to protest government’s decision to move forward with plans for cruise piers in George Town harbor.

Jessica Lopez, one of the organizers, said the aim is to show the level of public opposition to the project. The rally is planned for 3 p.m. on Oct. 17 on the waterfront by Hog Sty Bay.

She said protesters will bring placards and signs campaigning against dredging the harbor.

“We want to catch government’s attention and change their mind. We are hoping to get a large turnout. If we could get 1,000 people, that would be great.”

Ms. Lopez, a property manager at Grand View Condos, said the idea for the protest came from discussions between concerned citizens, the Save Cayman anti-port group and the Sustainable Cayman group.

“After the premier’s announcement, we realized we really need to step our game up and get out there and show them just how many people object to this,” she said. “I think a lot of people are talking about it, but we felt we needed to take action.”

She said the protest is being advertised through word of mouth and social media. Just after 1 p.m. Wednesday, 281 people had responded to a Facebook event invite, posted Tuesday night, indicating they would attend.

Keith Sahm of Sunset House and Save Cayman said police clearance has been obtained for the event. He said the protesters believe a port can be built in a responsible way without requiring any dredging.

Mr. Sahm added, “Since the premier made his announcement last week, … a lot of people [have] come out of the woodwork that hadn’t really spoken up before because they really didn’t think this was going to happen.”


  1. Everything a person do, there is a plan in the brain before. I am aware that there are persons wanting to protest and demonstrate against the cruise pier planned for George Town; however I would like to read in blogs and media, where this is not a Good thing for George Town, and reasons why it is not a good thing before I can oppose. Just being against a proposition without a good valid reason to me is not enough.

  2. I fully support the protest against the dredging in George town harbor, and I think that everyone should, because this is about the feature of the Islands environment, and the feature generations of the Islands. I am very sorry that I can’t there, but I fully support the protest against the dredging.

  3. What a shocking surprise. No one saw this coming, they’ll surely change everyone’s mind with THIS protest… THIS time…

  4. There has been a great deal of publicity recently regarding the perilous state of coral reefs worldwide.

    They are on a knife edge and it takes very little to annihilate an apparently healthy reef.

    If this plan goes ahead, divers worldwide will boycott Cayman as an environmental pariah even if the damage is only the 20 acres forecast by the very company who had a vested interest in ensuring the project proceeded. If not, there will be no need for a conscious boycott, there just won’t be any diving, period!

    Caymans’ Premier is looking like a villain on the worlds environmental stage, somewhere on a par with the Japanese ”scientific” Whaling fleet!

    It is time to remind him that he is only a steward and should pass Cayman on to the coming generations in better and sustainable condition. He does not have the right to sacrifice it on the pagan alter of the ”quick dollar”.

  5. Interesting that the anti-port movement keeps referring to this situation as a "game". For everyone else this is far from a "game" or fun activity. Keith Sahm also stated on Facebook that this is just a "chess game". I think they forget that people’s lives and livelihoods are in the balance with this decision. I think it as far from a game as possible, and if they are finding this fun, then they should go to Church more and ask for forgiveness.

  6. @Twyla – ”Just being against a proposition without a good valid reason to me is not enough.” – I find this comment very ignorant. Of course there are valid reasons (mostly environmental) as to why there are a number of people against dredging George Town harbor.

    I suggest you do some research on dredging and then some research on the negative impact on the marine life and reefs in places that have previously been dredged. The potential negative impact on our marine life would be devastating.

  7. Everyone think about the slogan you want on your placards and be at the protest so you can show in support of the Islands feature, and the environment, and the feature generations of the Islands.

  8. SL ARCH your comments to saying you find my thoughts very ignorant is no surprise coming from you.
    You see I am a Caymanian, and I would not have expected you to say anything else. Its however taken with a grain of salt.

  9. If you follow the Save Cayman campaign and the rambling baseless articles they supply Cayman News Service you are starting to see the real agenda staring you right in the face. The whole campaign is run and dominated by leaders of the sister companies of the business that holds the sole contract to shuttle passengers to shore in Cayman. The only real solution for them is an "Improved Tender Option"

    Disguised as an environmental concern they are feeding off of the public’s emotion. While some or many in the group have a true passion for the environment this is unfortunately being taken advantage of.

  10. A ‘Caymanian’ saying ‘I am a Caymanian’ in an argument against another ‘Caymanian’.. typical.

    We are all entitled to our own opinions.

    I will take it with a grain of salt!