Learning how to use the Snupps app is a snap!

First impressions  

I have a lot of stuff. In my house, in my car, in the garden … there are items galore to be found and in no particular order. Some people call it hoarding; I call it savvy storing. 

Of course, the inevitable problems occur when I actually need to find something. I could have sworn I put it under the spare room bed, but then it’s not there, so I’m body-deep into the closet, banging around in the dark, only to realize it’s not there either. After that, it’s open season on every container, nook, crawl space and shelf I have. Even still, I may not end up laying my hands upon it until months later when I find it in an old suitcase. 

It’s quite odd – I’m very organized when it comes to some aspects of my life, but lousy when it comes to others. It would therefore be very useful to have a tool at my disposal to help me keep track of everything I own. 

The Snupps app is recommended by a number of websites as a good way to itemize all your belongings, and it’s free. Even if you’re not a savvy storage person (hoarder) like I am, you’re bound to find the benefit of using such an app. It has many different applications, including recording information for insurance purposes. 

I figured I had to give it a try, if for no other reason than to easily locate my pirate costume come Pirates Week. 

How it works  

You have to create an account to use Snupps, and once you’ve gone through the usual push notifications, you can choose to “Explore” the app. That takes you to a page resembling Snapguide and Pinterest. 

You may think, therefore, that this is just one of “those” apps all over again. I certainly did. However, you don’t have to make any of your information public if you don’t want to and as you’ll see when you start using it, it really is an excellent way of digitally organizing your possessions. 

Along the bottom of the screen you’ll find five icons. Tap through each of them to see what they do and familiarize yourself with the app. 

A good place to start might be on the far right with “Me.” Here you can create a profile with a picture, your name, biography, country, gender and date of birth. In this day and age of identity theft you may not be terribly keen on filling in every field. That’s fine – just leave blank whatever you don’t want known. 

The “News” icon on the far left will give you notifications from Snupps as well as the activities of others you’re following. You can invite your friends to Snupps and follow them, or just keep to yourself. Be as public or as private as you wish. 

The “Explore” icon you’ve explored (ha-ha) already, so perhaps it’s time to tap on the “+” icon and add some items to your inventory. 

Using your device’s camera, take a picture of whatever you wish to record and then continue on to the next stage where you choose which “shelf” you’d like to file it under. 

The “Optional Details” section is probably the most useful part of this app. If you wish to make the information about your item public, you can fill in the “Public Details” fields. If, however, you wish to keep it all on the down low, simply fill in the “Private Details” fields. 

Considering the fact that we live in the hurricane belt and most of us understand the importance of keeping an up-to-date inventory of our belongings for insurance reasons, the Snupps app really shines here. 

The fields in the “Private Details” section cover everything from serial numbers to location, purchase price, estimated value and warranty information. 

Once you’ve added something, you can tap on the “My Stuff” tab at the bottom of the screen to see what you have filed thus far. Easy peasy. 

When I tried it  

I found this app very simple to grasp, so in no time at all I was taking pictures of everything I could, eager to file them away with their pertinent information. 

Unfortunately the app is only as good as its user in keeping an accurate record of all possessions. As I tired of entering facts, I got distracted by the television and left the task for a while. In the end, you need the discipline to follow through until the job is done. 

The initial work will be time-consuming and fairly boring, but then you may find something in that bottom drawer that you thought you’d lost ages ago; and once everything is in, it only takes a minute or so to update it in the future. 

Final thoughts  

I am a prime candidate for the Snupps app, and depending on how disorganized your dwelling is, you may find it a great tool to have at hand as well. 

When my apartment was burgled many years ago, I had to draw pictures of the jewelry that had been stolen and try to remember everything I owned. If I’d had the Snupps app, the police would have been spared my crude artistic skills and could have been on the case much sooner. It’s a free app that could potentially end up saving you a lot of time and money. 


Free. Great way to itemize your possessions. Easy to use. 


You’ll realize you’ve got a ton of junk in your house. 


  • Cost: Free 
  • Seller: Snupps Ltd
  • Devices: iOS and Android
  • Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10 and older) 

Look for the Snupps icon in the App Store.