Who Throws a Shoe give Friendly Boys the boot

The Corona Sunday Beach Volleyball League’s Week 4 games on Public Beach showed an improvement in overall standards. 

Players were eager to play again and games lasted longer as teams are better matched with the six-week league past the halfway point. 

The B and C league were almost equally stacked and competition was high. The strong winds that brought the seaweed up on Seven Mile Beach also affected play with a strong north westerly wind. Even the Corona flags had a hard time dealing with it. 

In Group A, Who Throws a Shoe showed real dominance in the finals, giving the Friendly Boys the boot 21-10. Friendly Boys were nonetheless impressive, having moved up from the B-League the week before and will look to solidify their standing within the A-League. 

Last week’s runners-up, One Hit Wonders, finally found pay dirt and won the B-League over I’d Hit Da with a finals score of 21-18. 

Due to scheduling conflicts, One Hit Wonders have opted to remain in the B-League, while runners-up I’d Hit Da are seeking to get back to the A-League and will now be moved up. 

Sets on the Beach were relegated last week, but quickly showed why they really belong in the B-League by dominating the C-League this week. They defeated RBC Dominion Securities in the final, 21-6. 

The beach volleyball league

The beach volleyball league’s standards are improving.