Law Society's first Rugby World Cup to kick off

In Cayman’s first appearance in the Lawyers Rugby World Cup, 25 lawyers and law students will compete against eight law societies from around the world this week. 

The Law Society of England and Wales stages the Lawyers World Cup at the Richmond Athletic ground every four years in conjunction with the larger Rugby World Cup, gaining support from similar societies across Europe, the United States, New Zealand and Australia. This year the Law Society of the Cayman Islands was invited. 

“They had cancellations from the Welsh Law Society and from the Czechs,” says Maples and Calder Associate Paul Parker, who helped organize the team and will be playing on Thursday. “So we were on the list next and were invited.” 

The team is drawn from the ranks of the Law Society, a cross section of local firms and five Cayman law students in the U.K. The group is captained by Ogier’s Paul Murphy and Appleby’s Jacob MacAdam, while on-field action will be directed by Peter de Vere and Conor Fee. 

Mr. Parker said, “[On Thursday], the eight teams will be divided into two pools of four and will play off against one another. On Friday we’ll have the finals.” 

Past winners have included New Zealand, Scotland and France, who will vie with visitors from the Chicago Law Society, Italy and Ireland – alongside the English and Australian law societies – for the coveted title. 

Mr. Parker said funding, fees, flights and accommodation have been provided through donations by Rawlinson & Hunter, CML Offshore, Borrelli Walsh and with the help of the local law society. “Most of the cost of the trip was funded by local legal firms, fiduciary firms and administrative service providers taking out ads in a tour program,” Mr. Parker said. 

“This is a fantastic chance to highlight the future of Cayman and the attractions of playing rugby and practicing in a legal and financial center.” 

Not only that, he said, but it also may offer team members a chance to slip off to watch the quarterfinals of the real 20-team Rugby World Cup at nearby Twickenham Stadium. 

The lawyers rugby squad gets ready.

The lawyers rugby squad gets ready.