Jogger sexually assaulted in West Bay

Police are hunting for a man who indecently assaulted a female jogger in West Bay early Tuesday.

The woman was on Bonneville Drive by the entrance to The Shores when a man, who was barefoot, attacked her, throwing her to the ground and assaulting her, at about 5:30 a.m. and then ran off when she screamed, according to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

“The RCIPS would like to encourage anyone out exercising early in the morning to be very vigilant of their surroundings and if possible exercise with another person,” Chief Inspector Brad Ebanks said in a press statement.

Police have previously warned women in West Bay against exercising alone after a series of incidents between May and July involving a man on a bicycle who had grabbed and molested women, usually in the early hours of the morning as they were walking or running. Inspector Ebanks said those cases are still under investigation.


  1. While in recent years it would appear that the RCIPS has taken steps to enhance its own security and the personal security/protection of its officers many people seem to still think that the law abiding residents of this country should be left mostly defenseless against violent criminals. Where was the RCIPS when this woman was being assaulted? Where is the RCIPS when anyone is being assaulted? Why is it that in the face of increasing levels of violent crime it seems that the only people with enhanced security and personal protection are the RCIPS?

  2. L. Bell, what exactly do you think the K-9 unit would be useful for in this situation and the other situations you’ve mentioned? There are many different types of K-9 officers. Most are used for contraband detection and/or attack purposes and are trained for a very specific purpose. I’m not aware of Cayman having a K-9 unit of search dogs which could potentially follow a suspect’s scent. Even if they did, they are usually not used for purposes like this.

  3. The RCIPS inaction in this and the other recent assault case is disturbing. One would expect RCIPS to be on a high alert, code red so to speak until the perpetrators are caught. Should not they be reporting say twice a day to the media about the progress (or the lack of it)? Do they have female officers who are highly trained to do undercover work? Do they have brain power to do analytical work and figure out the perpetrators? Why don’t they keep K-9 unit ready to act the moment an assault is reported?
    Does RCIPS has statutory imposed duties? In this case police officers could be held liable in a civil suit for damages resulting from failure to act or neglecting a specific duty, or failure to follow standard police investigative procedures,to provide adequate police services. RCIPS also can be held liable for the failure to train police officers.

  4. What the devil is wrong with women. For one thing West Bay is a dangerous place. Why are women jogging alone anywhere. When are you going to wake up. Women cannot jog ALONE and certainly not in unlit areas. Don’t blame cops and K-9 units for their absence, blame women who haven’t any common sense

  5. @Christoph Walser
    Even if they did, they are usually not used for purposes like this.
    Why not? What search dogs are for? At its most basic, the job of a search dog is to find the origin of a human scent and let the handler know where it is.

  6. Mack
    Sadly the police cannot be everywhere at once. Certainly not at 5:30am.

    But, as you have sensibly suggested before, law abiding citizens and residents should be able to purchase a small pepper spray (also useful for warding off wild dogs).
    Before being allowed to own it they should need a police clearance certificate.

    I really wish this was not necessary. Like many old-timers I long for the days when no one needed a lock for their front door.
    But sadly those times have passed. These beautiful islands are now infested with a small number of violent, angry young men. Men who have no qualms about hurting and robbing others and then intimidating witnesses who might report them.

  7. Women, do you value your life. Do you have any common sense.
    Why are you jogging alone anywhere. What do you want a K-9 unit to do once the perp is long gone. How about taking responsibility for yourself and realize this world isn’t safe for any woman anywhere alone.

  8. To Lukishi Brown you need help. To make the statement you made. Here in the states you would be in deep trouble. A person should be able to go jogging when they want.

  9. Wow Lukishi, such egregious victim blaming going on here. Yes it is a dangerous world, but the answer isn’t to tell women to lock themselves indoors until a big strong man can come escort them. How about we attack the problem and the perpetrators, not the victims.

    L Bell, I don’t know where to start with your comments. First the primary reason search dogs are used in cases like this (even if Cayman has any) is the same reason they aren’t used in every home intrusion, car theft or other non-major crime. It’s due to the resources needed to conduct a search – both human and animal – which can’t be deployed for every crime. In this case while it was unfortunate, it sounds like the encounter was very brief and the perpetrator ran off quickly. Second search dogs aren’t genies that can grant wishes. They are specifically trained to search for a specific identifiable scent presented to them, usually by way of an article of clothing worn by the suspect. What scent are they going to trail here? You can’t tell a search dog to sniff the woman, magically identify the suspect’s scent among all the others and go after it. I would assume the woman was at home when she reported to the police and probably changed clothes and even if not, the dog wouldn’t know specifically which scent on her to trail unless given something of the suspects.

  10. Maybe Lukishi since you seem to have the answer for everything you should go be the hero of the day. West Bay is no more dangerous than anywhere else rite now but people like you seem to sensationalize anything that happens there. What about everything else that’s going on in other places? Didn’t two guys jump a lady in Bodden Town just the other day? I didn’t hear you say how dangerous it is there. This is getting a bit out of hand tho and unfortunately it seems to be the world we live in now a days. We were always know as a safe location but as with all things the times are a changing. Jog or walk in buddy pairs or in groups. This unfortunately will have to be the norm for now. I live in that area and this hit close to home. I know I will have my eyes open for anyone looking suspiciuos from now on. Maybe we can catch the creep and save the RCIPS some time.

  11. The resondents of my articles misunderstand everything I said. Ok, so if two guys jumped a lady in Bodden Town, I rest my case. It proves that women have and always will be the victims. How many men are raped or jumped. Women "should" be able to jog anywhere. Wrong. Try Central Park at night alone. Are you kidding. What planet are you people living on. The fact remains that women are looking for trouble, and will get it, if they don’t face the reality of our society and its violent nature. Check the "reported" crime stats on Cayman. Now chew on that.

  12. Yeah you’re right, women are looking for trouble. I’m sure you also think a woman who goes out in skimpy clothing is asking for it right?

    And how many men are raped or jumped? Well I don’t know about the raped part, but there seems to be plenty of stories about men getting attacked or robbed as well. I suppose they are looking for trouble as well by leaving their house. Come to think of it that family whose house was broken into a few months back in Gov harbour was probably looking for trouble and are to blame for their home intrusion. After all we do live in a dangerous world and anyone without armed security at their door is just asking to be forcibly intruded upon.

  13. @cristoph walser
    Thank you for being a search dog expert. Your mocking tone suggests some sort of superiority complex.
    You might want to check the CNS piece- Police round up west Bay burglars, with the help of K9 unit.

  14. L. Bell, I”ll try not to sound too mocking while pointing out the story you refer to doesn”t say a K9 officer was utilised as a search dog to track the suspect long after the crime occurred. It does however state that the officers responded to a burglary in progress and that they were able to give chase with the help of the police helicopter. The article is ambiguous as to what role the K9 unit played other than responding to the scene and helping to track the suspect with the help of the helicopter, which ya know is kind of an important detail. Regardless it has absolutely no similarity to the story of a jogger being assaulted on the side of the road. Maybe we can also dispatch the police helicopter every time a minor crime occurs, or even better just have several of them flying over the island at all times watching for criminal activity.