Seymour always saves Scholars

If Scholars International women’s team do well this season then goalkeeper Kristina Seymour is likely to have a big input in that success. 

She has been the Scholars first choice stopper for almost all the time since joining them in 2009 and the position – least favored among females because of its inherent difficulty and dangers – has been a perfect fit. 

“I wasn’t always a goalkeeper,” said Seymour. “I played defense first and then forward, but I got injured and had to stop for a while. 

“Then our keeper got injured and we needed one. I decided to go in goal not knowing I’d still be the keeper today after five years – and I haven’t been out since.” 

Scholars lost 2-1 to Sunset in the Charity Shield last Sunday, no disgrace considering how dominant Sunset are. Sunset grabbed the Premier League and President’s Cup last term and only did not make it a clean sweep when losing narrowly to Scholars in the FA Cup final. 

Scholars had their moments in the Charity Shield and the mainly West Bay youngsters appear to be closing the gap. 

“I feel satisfied when I see my girls trying, to me the effort is what counts,” said the 20-year-old sales associate. 

“I like to play hard and fight to the end. I love the competition, to be able to fight for what we want. I enjoy leading my team to help me because without them there is so little I can do.” 

She added that she is disappointed not to have won, “but not that we lost.” 

Seymour added,”We beat ourselves. Sunset is a great team. We had so many chances but those misses are now haunting us.” 

A perfectionist on the pitch, despite conceding only twice – to brilliant strikes by Martha Hall – Seymour insists she could have played better. 

The Caymanian national keeper chides herself for her distribution, placement in the box at the time of the goals and felt she could have organized her team better. 

She loves putting in the extra work in training and making it work in games. “I love to make sure the job gets done and work extremely hard for Scholars to get the titles this season.” 

The joke in football is that keepers have a form of madness to go between the sticks in the first place. It is usually a thankless task. But for Seymour, the pros far outweigh the cons. 

“To make a great save and your teammates give you props, it’s the best feeling in the world,” she said. “I believe it will be the death of me. 

“Not only watching but being out there and actually playing is the best feeling, all the cuts, scraps, the sweat it’s all worth it in the end.” 

Seymour gleans information from every keeper she sees, whether live or on screen. “I don’t have a favorite, but I know a great player when I see one. I’m inspired by every goalkeeper, it’s amazing to see a great save and how they organize their team.” 

That drive and passion leaves her in no doubt that Scholars will do even better this season. They open their league season against Alliance at the Bodden Town field on Sunday at 5 p.m. Elite Sports Club women play Sunset at the North Side field at the same time. 

Seymour is adamant, “Scholars has something to bring to the table this season.” 

Kristina Seymour hopes to lead Scholars International to the league title.

Kristina Seymour hopes to lead Scholars International to the league title.

Seymour’s dominance in the box kept Sunset at bay at spells. - PHOTOS: RON SHILLINGFORD

Seymour’s dominance in the box kept Sunset at bay at spells. – PHOTOS: RON SHILLINGFORD

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