Football legend Dan Marino inspires with insights on leadership

Football legend Dan Marino inspireswith insights on leadership

Lead by example and success will follow, says American football legend Dan Marino, who shared his insights about leadership to about 150 people at an event at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman on Friday. 

“If you have credibility and lead by example, the majority of people will follow you,” Mr. Marino said. 

Few are as qualified to talk about success and leadership as the famous former Miami Dolphins quarterback, whose record speaks for itself. During his nearly two decade-career in the NFL, Mr. Marino completed 4,697 passes and covered 61,361 passing yards. He holds numerous NFL records and has been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He is currently an adviser to his former team. 

Mr. Marino has been recognized for his success off the field, as well, from charitable work to a career in broadcast and roles in popular films like “Ace Ventura” and “Bad Boys II.” 

He said he encourages professional football players to pursue their interests off the field because careers in the sport are temporary. 

“Build relationships with your community,” Mr. Marino said. “Whatever it is you have a passion for that is outside of football, learn about that. Do off-season work in that field, whatever it may be … because you’re not going to be playing football for long, so you might as well educate yourself.” 

Mr. Marino also stressed the importance of family, and that when it comes to being successful, whether on or off the field, it helps to have a strong support network. “Be around the people who you love,” Mr. Marino said. 

While the focus of the event was “Leadership in Sports,” devoted fans also had the chance to ask Mr. Marino questions about the game today, and how it was during his years with the Dolphins. 

His football hero? Joe Namath, another NFL legend who was the quarterback for the New York Jets. Opinion on “deflategate” (in which air was released from footballs before the game)? Disdain for the Patriots aside, Mr. Marino was diplomatic. He doesn’t think quarterback Tom Brady was trying to cheat, and he doesn’t think it was as big of a deal as the media made it out to be. 

One attendee wondered: Is there any chance that the U.K. will get a franchise? 

“I do think they can have a franchise, and I do think the league actually wants them to have a franchise,” Mr. Marino said. “When that’s going to happen, I don’t know … I think the fan base there is awesome.” 

Mr. Marino also took the time to take photos with fans and autograph Dolphins memorabilia. 

The event was part of the Thrive leadership workshop series, organized by Gamut Global events. Shomari Scott of Health City Cayman Islands and local runner Derek Larner also spoke at the event, describing to the crowd their keys to success. 

Event organizer Jesse Sergios said he was thrilled with Mr. Marino’s talk and would continue to focus on bringing informative and engaging speakers to the Cayman Islands. 

On Saturday afternoon, Mr. Marino was at Governors Beach for an informal gathering and spent time tossing a football around to youngsters and others who stopped by to see him. 

Dan Marino greets youngsters on Governors Beach on Saturday.

Dan Marino greets youngsters on Governors Beach on Saturday. The former Miami Dolphins quarterback helped raise money for the Cayman Islands Red Cross at the beach event and also gave a motivational speech on Friday. – Photo: Taneos Ramsay

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