Little Cayman Museum: Presenting the history and culture of the island

Situated not far from the airport in Blossom Village, Little Cayman, the Little Cayman Museum is a constantly evolving attraction which germinated from the personal collection of the late Linton Tibbetts and his wife Polly. 

The museum aims to present the history and culture of the island in an entertaining and insightful way, providing a relaxing intermission to any vacation. 

The museum notes that Little Cayman was extremely isolated, perhaps even a stopover for pirates, up until the 20th century. Until fairly recently the island had little ease of communication with the outside world. Little Cayman’s dominant industry is now tourism. 

Mr. Tibbetts, known locally as “Mr. T,” was committed to the importance of preserving the Sister Islands’ cultural heritage. Born on Cayman Brac in 1923, he became a successful entrepreneur. He was recognized by Queen Elizabeth II with an MBE for his many contributions to Cayman’s economy and culture. 

In 1997, the original Little Cayman Museum opened, displaying a variety of objects that the Tibbetts family had collected from around the island and procured from Little Caymanians, both at home and abroad. 

The Little Cayman Maritime Museum followed in 2009, honoring the island’s seafaring heritage. Giving tours of the museums was one of Mr. Tibbetts’s great joys, and he deeply appreciated the necessity of both preserving and transmitting Little Cayman’s heritage. 

The new museum building, which opened in July 2014, combines the growing collections of the previous Little Cayman Museum and the Maritime Museum, boasting five galleries interpreting Little Cayman’s people and culture. 

Fully updated and modernized, it features a range of historical artifacts that give insight into the more than 500 years of recorded history since Christopher Columbus’s crew first spotted Little Cayman in 1503. 

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Linton and Polly Tibbetts and the project’s many supporters, the museum continues to safeguard Little Cayman’s heritage. 

Opened in 2014 and featuring many items collected by entrepreneur and Sister Islander Linton Tibbetts and his wife Polly, the Little Cayman Museum’s artifacts and current exhibitions offer a window to the Sister Islands’ heritage and culture. 

Displays at the Little Cayman Museum

Displays at the Little Cayman Museum

Little Cayman Museum

Displays at the Little Cayman Museum

Presenting the history and culture of the island

Displays at the Little Cayman Museum


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