Kenneth Bryan assault trial adjourned to Feb.

The trial of Kenneth Bryan, charged with disorderly conduct and assaulting police, has been adjourned until Feb. 2, 2016. 

Bryan, a former political candidate and aide to Premier Alden McLaughlin, was in court on Wednesday for the second day of his trial, which started in August after his pleas of not guilty. The only witness to give evidence on Wednesday was Inspector Dwayne Jones, the investigating officer, whose taped interview with Bryan was played for Magistrate Philippa McFarlane. 

Crown counsel Scott Wainwright did not close the case for the prosecution after that, since there was one more witness to be called – the custody officer at George Town Police Station on the night Bryan was arrested. This officer had not attended court by 2:30 p.m. and the magistrate granted the adjournment. 

In his interview, Bryan explained that he had become involved in a disturbing situation on the night of Oct. 10, 2014, in the parking lot of Dreams Night Club. He said he saw an off-duty female officer whom he knew and she seemed distressed and frightened. 

The woman’s former boyfriend, Jermaine, was insulting her and yelling at her and nobody was standing up for her. Bryan said he spoke to Jermaine, saying “Leave her alone or I’ll call the police.” Then two men came over to assist Bryan. 

The woman was able to leave the scene, after which a scuffle broke out, Bryan related. Police officers came and the only person he saw arrested was one of the men who had assisted him. He told the officer, whom he knew, that he had the wrong man. 

Another officer put his hands on Bryan’s chest and told him he was obstructing justice and Bryan replied that he was just trying to explain, trying to give information. 

In the interview, Mr. Jones told Bryan that another officer at the scene had stated that when Bryan first approached, he said, “What the f–- is going on?” 

Bryan denied using the expletive at any time; he said he did use a phrase which he did not consider bad, but the officer told him if he said it again he would be arrested for common assault. He agreed his tone was probably loud because he was trying to explain. 

He denied pointing his finger in the officer’s face. He said he did point his finger, but only after the officer pointed his finger at him. Bryan was arrested and taken to the George Town Police Station and subsequently bailed. The interview took place a week later. 

During the interview Mr. Jones suggested that Bryan had been warned several times, but had persisted in his conduct. Bryan said he did comply and he denied about 80 percent of what police officers had said in their statements. 

Cross-examined by defense attorney Karin Thompson, Mr. Jones said he was not the initial investigating officer: that had been a constable at the scene. The matter was handed over to Mr. Jones about a week or week and a half later. 

Kenneth Bryan

Kenneth Bryan

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