Premier: Paris terror 'an attack on all mankind'

Cayman Islands Premier Alden McLaughlin on Monday issued a statement of support for the people of France following Friday’s deadly terrorist attacks in Paris. Mr. McLaughlin said the Cayman Islands “joins the rest of the world in mourning those who died in France in Friday’s terrorism attacks. 

“We know that the threat of additional terrorism attacks remains high, not only in France but throughout the civilized world. This was not just an attack on Paris and France, but an attack on all mankind,” he said. 

He also commended the “swift action of police in rounding up and detaining suspects.” 

The statement continued: “To our residents and visitors from France, you and your nation are in our thoughts and prayers.” 

Premier McLaughlin

Premier McLaughlin


  1. Congratulations to Premier McLaughlin for his intelligent and honest description the attack in Paris as an attack on all mankind.

    Obviously he has a better understanding of the world situation than the President of the United States.

  2. To Neil,
    I don’t think Rodney was trying to be sarcastic. He’s pointing out the our Premier did the right thing while "the leader of the free world" is lacking understanding of the stakes at hand regarding ISIL. Recall that he pronounced "ISIL was contained" on a US national morning news show just 10 hours before the attacks in France.

  3. To Neil and others regarding my remarks.

    I was referring to the fact that President Obama called the murders in Paris a "Setback" and the fact that he said just two days earlier that Issia was contained.

    Clearly, neither is true. Just ask the families of those killed and injured in Paris or those living there.

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