Cayman Christmas: 'Tis (nearly) the holiday season

In case you couldn’t tell from the elves, lights and artificial snow, here in the Cayman Islands it’s beginning to look a lot like … well, you know the rest.
(Sooner than later, we promise you’ll be hearing the complete phrase on the radio, over and over again.)

The Christmas holiday season in Cayman officially kicks off Thursday evening, when the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman holds its annual Christmas tree lighting celebration at Heroes Square downtown.

On Saturday, Camana Bay hosts its annual tree lighting event, featuring a special visit from the man himself — Old Saint Nick.

Out on Shamrock Road near Spotts, the Crightons’ home is currently in the process of decoration, as the family continues the Christmas tradition started by their patriarch Rex Crighton, who passed on in September at the age of 81. The pioneering land developer may be gone, but his holiday spirit lives on.

Grand Cayman’s “rival” spectacular Christmas light display, at the Boddens’ home on South Church Street, is also being assembled.

We see decorations going up on the island’s roundabouts, which during these hectic weeks provide us with infusions of holiday cheer at the precise moments when we need them most — that is, of course, during rush hour.

Churches and schools are making preparations for Christmas pageants and plays, and local stores are featuring displays of holiday-themed goods. (To their credit, most retailers resisted striking at the lure of winter holiday promotions until after Halloween. For that, we are grateful.)

In the United States, the annual Christmas tradition of arguing over the existence of a “war on Christmas” is already well under way. This year’s target – or aggressor, depending on your perspective – is the Starbucks Coffee Company, whose ubiquitous stores engendered a furious tempest among some groups of ultra-conscientious Americans by — and, yes, we’re being serious — serving beverages in red cups.

For those of us who may be inclined toward “Grinchiness,” and who may be protesting, “Too soon! Too soon!” — we advise you to take a peek at the closest calendar. The holiday is just five weeks away.

True, American Thanksgiving hasn’t yet occurred, but it’s next Thursday. And Canadian Thanksgiving transpired more than a month ago. The still-fledging tradition of Cayman Thanksgiving takes place Dec. 6.

This year, the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah begins at sunset Dec. 6 and concludes Dec. 14. Many Muslims will mark Mawlid, “Birth of the Prophet,” on Dec. 24.

Yes, it’s beginning to look like the winter holiday season in Cayman. The only entity that seems not to be going along with it is Mother Nature. However, looking at extended weather forecasts, temperatures may begin dropping in a couple of weeks or so.

And when those beloved cool Christmas breezes begin blowing in, that should serve better than mugs of hot cider to warm the hearts of the stoniest Scrooges in Cayman, and cause them to abandon their “Bah, humbug!” for a genuine “Happy Christmas to all!”


  1. I think that Caymanian should be following the traditional way off celebrating Christmas, and not following and not believing in others ways of celebrating Christmas, for sure the culture, and spirit,and Christmas would be forgotten.

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