Third Brac crash victim released from hospital

The Cayman Brac resident injured in a Sunday afternoon crash that killed two other men was released from hospital Tuesday.

Bob Barbera, 48, was discharged around noon from the Cayman Islands Hospital on Grand Cayman and was expected to return to the Brac.

Royal Cayman Islands Police officers were still investigating the accident and could not confirm who was operating the Honda Odyssey van when it overturned along South Side Road East around 5:15 p.m. Sunday.

Two American citizens died following the one-vehicle rollover crash in Cayman Brac.

One of those killed. 54-year-old optometrist Mark L. Bettencourt from Kansas, was not found until three-and-a-half-hours after the accident was reported. His body was discovered trapped under the van at around 8:45 p.m. Sunday.

The other man killed in the crash was identified as Douglas Carney, 50, originally from Topeka, Kansas.


  1. Tragic, the death of two American men on South Side Cayman Brac on Sunday! The surviving American lived in a house on South Side across from Cayman Brac Dump. How did the single minivan crash/rollover occur? May the RCIP please pay attention! Drunk-driving on cayman Brac is endemic and ghastly. Drivers on Cayman Brac are not aware that speeding, drunk driving, talking on cellphone or texting (all against the laws of the Cayman Islands), can change their lives forever in an instant.We weep for these men lost in the crash and all those in Cayman who have died or been injured for life in auto accidents.

  2. Yes very tragic that they were American. Who cares where they are from. They are humans and part of our very small community. Just tragic. May they RIP and wishing Bob a speedy recovery

  3. There is a possibility that Mark L. Bettencourt could have been alive had the RCIPS found him right away. Instead he was pinned underneath a car for 3.5hr. Someone had to answer why the overturned vehicle was not lifted right away. Seems like a common sense to me.

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