New farmers market opens in George Town

A new farmers market for local farmers and craft makers opened to the public Friday morning in George Town. 

Although it was a soft opening that wasn’t advertised, the public seemed to love it as a continuous flow of passing motorists, seeing all the activity taking place, stopped in to purchase local goods and produce on their way to work. 

“We needed to open the market so that farmers can start selling their produce,” said Hamlin Stephenson, one of the vendors spearheading the initiative. 

The market is on Huldah Avenue, on the site of the old farmers market, beside the Cricket Grounds by the airport. 

Going forward, the market will open at 7:30 a.m. Monday through Saturday. It will feature as many as 32 vendors offering fresh produce, crafts, baked goods and more. 

“Farmers needed another outlet in George Town to help revitalize the sale of local produce in that area and make it a bit more lucrative for those selling their goods,” Mr. Stephenson explained. 

Working on a new thatch basket at the market, vendor Eileen Mclaughlin said it was great to be able to display her creations for sale, but she thought the benefits of having a stall showcasing the traditional craft at the market might be more far-reaching. 

“It is better to be able to come to the market and we might get some of the younger ones to come here and be interested in it,” she said. 

Artist John McLaughlin said the opening of the market took him a bit by surprise, but he was definitely pleased there was a new place for him to be able to display his paintings. 

Vendors pay a small fee to help offset the cost of utilities and upkeep. 

The official grand opening of the George Town market will be held in January. 

Scotch bonnett peppers at Herbert Crawford

Scotch bonnett peppers at Herbert Crawford’s stall were a hot item at the market.